Aragonès warns Bolaños that the investiture negotiation “is stuck” and demands progress

The negotiations on the investiture between ERC and the PSOE are getting complicated and, if any indication was missing to confirm it, it arrived this Thursday afternoon at an event the Cecot employers’ association. President Pere Aragonès and the Minister of the Presidency Félix Bolaños met there, and the former took advantage of the opportunity to convey his concern. As Government sources have explained, Aragonès has warned him that “the negotiation is stuck” and has demanded “firm progress.” Bolaños, apart from being a member of the Governmentis one of the main PSOE negotiators.

It was the same president who sounded the alarm this Wednesday when he issued this warning to the PSOE: “We are not doing well.” The situation has worsened in recent hours when the Republicans have targeted the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero. They consider her responsible for the negotiation not moving forward. The problem is that part of the conversations have to do with the extra resources that ERC requests for the transfer of Rodalies and also for the financing of the Generalitat and they conclude that the Treasury is not collaborating. This ministry is the one that has the key to the box.

Aragonès has personally conveyed to Bolaños that the PSOE must show that it has “willingness to reach an agreement“and this means starting to get the three folders of the negotiation on track: the amnesty, the dialogue table and the economic part of Rodalies and the financing. “The negotiations are not progressing sufficiently and deadlines are running out,” they conclude from the Palau de la Generalitat.

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The president is not the only one who has seen the minister. A few hours earlier one of Esquerra’s main negotiators did so, Josep Maria Jové, which has also conveyed the discontent of the Republicans. In fact, this Thursday was the day that ERC wanted to express its discomfort in every way it could. From Belfast (Ireland), the president of the party, Oriol Junquerashas also accused the president Pedro Sanchez of doing “nothing” to advance the negotiation.

The party of Aragonès and Junqueras does not consider the conversations broken, but we will also have to see how the PSOE reacts to discomfort CKD and, above all, the fact that they have placed the minister Maria Jesus Montero at the center of criticism. She is also one of the socialists’ key negotiators.