Appointment of Rodolfo Barra: the NEWS cover that discovered his Nazi past

Rodolfo Barra will be the new Attorney General of the Treasury appointed by the president-elect Javier Milei. The libertarian leader leaned toward this jurist with extensive experience in the State, who was a member of the Supreme Court of Justice and who was later Minister of Justice during the government of Carlos Saul Menem. The former magistrate will have the mission of providing legal protection to the reform plan that the government will implement from the beginning of his administration.

However, Barra’s past in politics was always in the eye of the storm. Immediately, upon becoming known of the eventual appointment, the Argentine Forum against Antisemitism (FACA) He issued a statement, on his X account, criticizing the appointment and asking for a reconsideration of Barra’s election as attorney.

“From the Argentine Forum against Antisemitism, we express our deep concern and rejection of the appointment of Rodolfo Barra as Attorney General of the National Treasury of the next Government, which will take office on December 10. We consider this election as a direct affront to the democratic and plural spirit of our country,” states the first fragment of the statement from the brand new organization.

Next, FACA developed in the post the reason why the former Minister of Justice is objected to. “It is inadmissible that a person with a history linked to the Tacuara National Movement, with tendencies close to Nazism, be appointed to a position of such relevance in our country. In view of the seriousness of the situation, we strongly demand the reconsideration of Rodolfo Barra’s appointment,” the entity’s letter detailed.


In 1996, NEWS conducted an investigation into, at that time, the Minister of Justice appointed during the second presidency of Carlos Menem. In the publication by Darío Gallo, It was found that Rodolfo Barra belonged to the Nationalist Union of Secondary Schools (UNES), the youth arm of the Tacuara National Movement. In the early 1960s, the far-right ideological group used the Nazi salute as a form of identification and camaraderie.

In those years, Rodolfo Barra was the prominent Press Secretary of the extremist organization. The Tacuara militants, in addition to their Hitler salute, used uniforms that consisted of gray shirts, black ties, and bracelets with the Maltese cross.

“If I was a Nazi when I was young, I regret it,” was the statement, through his spokesperson, that the Menem official offered to this magazine, after a NEWS reporter waited for him outside his office for three hours. Weeks before the report, the journalist Guillermo Patricio Kelly showed a photograph in the program Having lunch with Mirtha Legrandstating: “Some official knows this photo well.”


The Tacuara movement was not limited to political militancy; many of its members were involved in large-scale robberies and murders, many of which had an anti-Semitic side. “A new government cannot begin its administration by harboring individuals who have professed anti-Semitism or any form of expression of hate in its ranks, we urge the authorities to take immediate measures to rectify this regrettable error and guarantee that the principles of democracy and inclusion prevail in the public administration,” the FACA statement concluded.

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