Appointment of quartermaster representative of interests for Taxpayers and Benefit Recipients | News item

News item | 25-09-2023 | 5:30 PM

Soler Berk will start on October 16 as quartermaster “Advocate for Taxpayers and Benefit Recipients”. This advocate must provide support to taxpayers and benefit recipients who are stuck in the various processes.

Soler Berk’s task is to set up the new institute, to safeguard its independent positioning and to shape collaboration and collaboration with other parties.

Soler Berk has extensive experience in various roles as a quartermaster in the public and private domain and experience in connecting with advocacy and vulnerable target groups, entrepreneurs and social issues. For example, he played this role for the Reading & Writing Foundation, the Child Poverty Alliance, Entrepreneur Central, the Dutch Center for Youth Health and he is one of the members of the Social Minimum Committee.

About the Advocate for Taxpayers and Benefit Recipients

The Interest Advocate is a new independent institute that is being established to supplement available legal assistance in the Netherlands. In the field of legal assistance in tax and benefit matters, this is not always sufficiently accessible to everyone. The Ministry of Finance is therefore – at the request of the cabinet – setting up this extra safety net.

For more information, see the commitment to the House about accessible independent tax legal assistance.