Apau and Snoei desperate after unprecedented Telstar defeat: “See no unity”

“I have never experienced this before,” said Telstar coach Mike Snoei after the 6-1 beating his team received when visiting MVV. Both Snoei and captain Mitch Apau were stunned after the team’s poor performance White Lions.

Mike Snoei: “This scares you” – NH Sport

“In the first half we really fell through the lower limit,” Snoei says afterwards. “We are usually quite reliable defensively, but today I was shocked by that first half. Tonight there was no unity in defense and there was not good cooperation.”

“If I had an answer, I would have given it to you”

Telstar captain Mitch Apau

Telstar captain Mitch Apau could not remember having to accept such a hopeless defeat in his long career. Telstar was behind the times from the very first minute. “If I had an answer, I would have given it to you. Your self-confidence is gone. You keep doing the same things wrong and they keep thundering over it. I really don’t see any unity.”

Telstar captain Mitch Apau: “I don’t see any unity” – NH Sport

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