Antti Tuisku has disguised himself in Ruisrock before – Which of the hilarious outfits is your favorite?

Antti Tuisku has enjoyed Ruisrock on the audience side in fake costumes on several occasions.

Antti Tuisku performed for the last time in Ruisrock. Roni Lehti

Antti Tuisku, who ended his artist career in Ruisrock last weekend, decided to break up after his last gig. Tuisku posted a funny picture on Instagram, where he is seen in the city in a mask. The star’s disguise includes, among other things, a top hat, sunglasses and a fake beard.

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Tuisku tells in his Instagram stories that he spent time on Sunday dressed in a disguise. In one of the pictures, she poses with her musician friend in her look Kalle Lindroth with. In the stories, we can see that Tuisku has enjoyed himself during Sunday in Ruisrock on the public side Ida Paulin and Kalle Lindroth’s and Vesala’s gigs.

Antti Tuisku has disguised himself in Ruisrock before. Last year, the man was seen wearing a Top Gun-inspired overall, and the look was completed with aviator glasses, a captain’s cap and a plush fake mustache. You can see a picture of this style sample below. If the image is not visible, you can view it from this link.

Already at Ruisrock in 2017, Tuisku was in the mood for camouflage. Back then, he relied on a black stetson, a colorful shirt and, once again, a fake moustache.

– If you saw a hunk that looked like this yesterday in Ruissi, it was me, Tuisku wrote in connection with the video he shared.

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Antti Tuisku performed his last gig in Ruisrock on Saturday. From Idols the 20-year career of the emerging star culminated in a fast-paced and touching show in front of a huge audience. As the last song, Tuisku performed the older one Tidal wave-his hit. After this, the star broke down in tears as the audience showed their approval.

– Thank you, a moved Tuisku said.

Antti Tuisku’s last gig was witnessed by a huge audience. Roni Lehti

Antti Tuisku’s superfans shared their feelings before their idol’s last concert.