Antti Pennase’s fierce opening about the judges

Antti Pennanen questioned the refereeing in Tampere.

Antti Pennase had a point. Mika Kylmäniemi / AOP

Ilves head coach Antti Pennanen opened somewhat unexpectedly due to refereeing, even though Ilves won the local game against Tappara with a score of 2–1.

– I already said about this same topic in last year’s playoffs. I don’t blame anyone for filming. But my point is that it can’t be that the players have to help the refs to get ice.

– Now you can hang, tie and block there. If you stay upright, there will be no ice, Pennanen would say after the match.

In the last Tampere derby of the regular season, Ilves was whistled for five ices.

– I have been in this series for a long time. If this culture continues, it is clear that players will be more tempted to help the referees.

– I understand the players. It saddens me for the sake of the game that this is allowed, Pennanen criticized.

According to Pennanen, the league coaches’ criticism of the referees has mostly fallen on deaf ears.

– I challenge the judges. One of the reasons coaches get frustrated is that we are not listened to. Sure, we need to improve our behavior, but the line needs to change.

Grönborg agrees

Pennanen gave his speech at the press conference after the match in Finnish.

Presenter Sami Hintsanen nevertheless reported Pennanen’s opinions briefly in English to the Tappara pilot standing next to him To Rikard Grönborgwho agreed with Pennanen and shook his head.

– The line has been inconsistent. However, I think that Ilves deserved to win this game, Grönborg answered briefly.

Iltalehti tried to ask Grönborg for his opinion on the situations at the end of the match in which Tapparan Nick Halloran got an out, but Ilves Jeremy Gregoire survived his racket strike with a two-minute ice time To Otto Somppi. However, Grönborg did not comment on the situations.

A big night of service

The great hero of the match was Ilves’ golden helmet Oula Palvewho scored both of his team’s goals.

The winning goal came just three seconds before the full-time flag.

– I really woke up myself when the crowd roared after the goal. It was a sweet game, Palve felt.

In his first goal, Palve broke the 60 power point mark this season. Previously, only seven other players in Ilves’ club history had been able to do this.

– When I was young, I always dreamed of the cannon age. At the first goal, I felt a little pride.

With their win, Ilves kept their chance to win the regular season.