Ansku Bergström reveals his and Elina Gustafsson’s intimate shower habit

Ansku Bergström openly talks about their shower visits on social media.

Elina Gustafsson (left) and Ansku Bergström (right) don’t shy away from talking about their showers. Atte Kajova

Ex-boxer Elina Gustafsson31, and a dancer Ansku Bergström38, reveal the secrets of their shower visits to their social media followers.

The revelation comes from Bergström Instagram– in the story, in the video of which the dancer asks to join her in the shower after getting engaged. Gustafsson responds to his lover by playfully growling and kissing him.

Bergström opens the story section with the text that he often asks his partner to join him in the shower. Instagram stories can be viewed 24 hours after they are published.

– I don’t like going alone. Or I like someone to talk to me. Elina usually sits on the floor and babbles while I’m in the shower, Bergström writes in her story section.

The couple has talked openly about their everyday life and their relationship, for example Maria Veitola in Yökylä in the program. In the program in question, they revealed, among other things, that they have sometimes had crises because of attempts to attack Gustafsson. Bergström mentioned that when dealing with a crisis, he usually turns to his loved one.

– I’m (angry) about that situation, not him, he said in the program.

The couple got engaged in the spring, but they didn’t announce the happy news until the beginning of October on Instagram. The two met each other Dancing with the Stars – program in 2021. At that time, they were the first Finnish same-sex dance couple in the competition.

Ansku Bergström and Elina Gustafsson tell about their TTK journey. Atte Kajova