An international hacking group claims to have targeted over the weekend.

    The hacker collective includes several distinct groups that cannot be officially verified. Colourbox

    The band, which presents themselves as an anonymous hacker group, said on Saturday night that they had crashed the Finnish Tokentube site on Twitter. The site is still crashed on Monday morning.

    A hacker group has tweeted an image showing that the site cannot be accessed.

    – Nice site, Tokentube – stop spreading Putin’s propaganda, Anonymous says in a tweet.

    If the tweet is not visible, you can view it from here.

    The Tokentube activist has replied on Twitter that the bill could not be paid and the server has therefore shut down.

    Among other things, you can download live video on Tokentube. Several counter-media players have used this site as a platform.

    An international group of hackers declared war on Russia after the start of the war in Ukraine. It seeks to prevent the spread of Russian propaganda.

    Anonymous is made up of many distinct groups, of which only a handful are involved in the Ukrainian war. Groups or individuals can self-declare that they are part of Anonymous and support its activities, and there is no official listing of those groups.

    The group said it had crashed several Russian government websites in February, as well as the websites of the state-owned news channel RT.

    Anonymous has acted prominently in the United States, for example, where it has acted against, among other things, the administration of its own country, for example by attacking information systems.

    Various cyber attacks have had their own phenomenon in the war in Ukraine. F-Secure’s research director Mikko Hyppönen told Iltalehti how Finns should prepare for cyber attacks. IL-TV