Rapper Signmark’s dance partner Anniina Koivuniemi is suspending the Dancing with the Stars season.

    In Sunday’s Dance with the stars live, rapper Signmark aka Marko Vuoriheimo danced differently from the first season Katri Mäkinen with. The couple had already been training together for a week, because Signmark’s original dance teacher, Anniina Koivuniemiwas said to have fallen ill.

    The change was supposed to be temporary, but MTV reported on Monday, October 31, that Anniina will suspend the entire TTK competition and will dance with Katri in the future with Signmark.

    Now Anniina published an article on her own Instagram account in which she shares reasons and feelings about the suspension of the season.

    – Life doesn’t always go the way you expect it to go. That’s what happened with the TTK rupeama in the fall, and that journey ended for me earlier than planned.

    You can see the whole article from here.

    The season was interrupted on his part for personal reasons, and he hopes in his writing that he will be allowed to keep his private affairs to himself.

    – However, Marko’s journey continues with the wonderful Katri and I wish them the best for the last few weeks, as well as all the other star couples involved, he writes.

    In addition, in his writing, he thanks his colleagues, star students and the entire production team for the great experience behind the scenes of the show.