Annalisa, the interview on the “annoyance” due to rumors about pregnancy

The singer from Savona responded to the rumors about her alleged motherhood: “There is morbid attention on private lives”

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Annalisa Scarrone38 years old, boasts atwenty years of experience in the world of music, with a fame that took off after his participation in the talent show Friends of Maria De Filippi. From that point on, his career took a nosedive epochal transformationleading her to climb the music charts and transforming her into a viral phenomenon on platforms like TikTok, with millions of views and hit songs like Beautiful And My love. More than twelve years after her performance at the Mediaset talent show, in which she ranked second, Annalisa has made an incredible rise to the Olympus of music and now she is ready to debut with the his eighth album and to give away the new tour which is already sold out. In an interview given to Corriere della Sera, the singer opened up on some revelations about her colleagues and her participation in the Sanremo Festival. And about the news about presumed pregnancydoesn’t hide his annoyance: “It was indelicate.”

anlisa Scarrone and pregnancy

Recently, Annalisa secretly pronounced the fateful “yes” to Francesco Muglia, the manager of Costa Crociere, with whom he has shared life since 2016. The private and intimate wedding took place last June, in front of his closest family and friends. Despite the concern for privacy, within a few months persistent rumors began to circulate about one possible pregnancy. In this regard, the singer has already intervened, unequivocally quashing the rumors. But in the interview with Corriere della SeraAnnalisa reiterated her position on the news again: “I already said how indelicate she was. I would add, however, that it bothered me even more to find myself in commenting on a rumor when I should have been talking about my work, after a year in which I had also achieved great results. I believe it is a consequence of notoriety, but also of the times we live in, with amorbid attention about private lives,” he said.

Emma and Elodie

Regarding the relationship with some of her colleagues, Annalisa underlined the lack of competition between them and highlighted a beautiful bond of mutual respect and friendshipespecially with Elodie and Emma Marrone. According to the pop star, supporting each other is crucial especially considering that they exist in Italy few female singers and who are often criticized, regardless of their choices, whether it is to appear bold or change their look. Annalisa stated: “I’m rooting for Elodie, for Emma and for many others. However, I don’t see all this solidarity between male artists. I’m there still a lot of progress to be made“.

Annalisa at Sanremo 2024?

When asked if he will participate in Sanremo 2024, the answer is cryptic. “The Festival is now a very important showcase and this is the moment of the year when all of us artists start to think about it. As far as I’m concerned it depends on the song: it has to be perfectif there is even a slight doubt, mine or the team’s, it’s better to stay at home” he commented. E on co-hosting the show with Amadeus: “It would be wonderful, even in the future. It would allow me to add an important piece to my work and it would still be a great opportunity to make music.”