Anna Abreu and Lauri Heiskari have been married for 10 years – a sensitive publication from Heiskari

In honor of their wedding day, the couple published some cute publications.

Abreu, who has been in the public eye for years, usually keeps his spouse out of his publications. Inka Soveri

Singer Anna Abreu and ex-snowboarder Lauri Heiskari have been married for 10 years. Both shared sweet posts on social media in honor of their significant wedding anniversary.

Heiskari has shared two black and white group photos from the summer festival on his own Instagram account. Attached is a text in which Heiskari beautifully praises his spouse.

– You are the most emotionally intelligent person I know. This decade with you was really fun. Let’s do it again, he praises his spouse and the time together in marriage.

If you don’t see the publication, you can view it from here.

Abreu, on the other hand, has published a picture of his spouse in the stories section of his Instagram account, who is posing for the camera in summery moods with sunglasses on his head.

– Happy 10th wedding anniversary my love, the singer writes in his stories.

The couple, who had been together for a long time, got married in 2013. At that time, Heiskari shared an atmospheric publication about the married couple.

– I am a lucky man, Heiskari wrote after the couple got married in 2013.

If you don’t see the publication, you can view it from here.

The two have kept their relationship out of the public eye, but they have posted a few photos together over the years. Especially on their wedding day, both have published pictures of each other on social media, in which they praise their spouse and their long union.