Anita Witzier out at the NPO? ‘TV contract not yet renewed’

Anita Witzier is very much in the danger zone. The presenter has seen her star status drop extremely in recent years and she is now in the last year of her KRO-NCRV contract.


For twenty years, Anita Witzier had nothing to worry about: as the presenter of the ratings hit Memories, she was assured of work. But six years ago she was taken off that program and since then her TV career has gone downhill. She now does almost nothing and is no longer really relevant for KRO-NCRV.

Anita out at NPO?

The threat of a TV exit is greater than ever for Anita, especially after the heavily disappointing viewing figures of her last major TV project Festival of Love. At the end of the year, her contract with the public broadcaster expires and, according to the presenter, it is still unclear whether there is a contract extension.

Angela de Jong fears the worst. After the Festival of Love, she concluded that KRO-NCRV really no longer knows what to do with Anita: “What the hell has grande dame Anita done to her broadcaster KRO-NCRV, that she has done this program and this co-presenter (Edson da Graça, ed.) is stuck?”

No new contract

Anita herself likes to continue making TV, she says in the Party. “I would really like to make a few more very nice programs, but I’m not going to do that alone. I have regular conversations with the KRO-NCRV and that is of course also about the progress, what are we doing, what can we do. But like I said: I’m not alone in this.”

She continues: “I don’t want to stop. What I do, what I can do, is great fun. It makes me a lot wiser myself, you know. I meet so many different people. A while ago we made a beautiful documentary about the White Sisters and now with the White Fathers. That is a world that is completely unknown to me.”


Only no dog is watching and presenting is not a hobby. The only thing she does now is play table lady in Khalid & Sophie, but that is also fiercely criticized. According to Victor Vlam, she asks incredibly stupid questions there, but Anita herself does not see it that way. She responded extensively to that criticism last week.

Anita does not want to say anything more about it in the Party. “I am not saying anything about that. Because I know exactly how that works and I don’t feel like it. Then there will be a piece here and a piece there and before you know it there is a fittie.”


In general, Anita says that criticism does not affect her. “I don’t read anything, haha. I listen to the people I work with, my boss so to speak, and my loved ones. No further to anyone, because that makes no sense. You can never do it right for everyone and I don’t have that need.”