Anita Witzier will present the new program together with Edson Da Graça from August 21 Festival of Love. In the KRO-NCRV show, they look for love stories in various places in the Netherlands and help people find a date.

    The program focuses on a different place every week.

    In addition to having conversations about love, Witzier and Da Graça help a single resident of the town find a fun date every episode. In the first episode the duo is in Rotterdam and later they travel to Lelystad, Voerendaal, Zwolle and Anna Paulowna.

    For Witzier, a program about love stories is by no means new. For twenty years she presented Memories, a program in which people went looking for a love from the past. In 2017, that program was taken over by Katja Schuurman, after which it came to an end a year later with the departure of Schuurman to RTL.