The death of the mayor of Cedeira (A Coruña) is the starting point for this series of Movistar Plus+ with which the creators of ‘Hierro’ (the brothers Coira and Fran Araújo) returned to their homeland. The Serra da Capeladaa spectacular mountainous area between the Cedeira and Ortigueira estuaries, concentrated a large part of the shooting.

    As in Curro de A Capelada, on the cliffs of Vixia Herbeirawhere they recreated the traditional festival of the ‘rapa das bestas’ which gives the series its title, for which they had the real ‘besteiros’, the men who cut the mane of wild horses.

    Cedeira, famous for its barnacles

    The streets of the fishing village of Cedeira, with just over 6,000 inhabitants, take on a special role in the investigation carried out by the Civil Guard sergeant played by Monica Lopez and the professor with detective airs he brings to life Javier Camara. Its cemetery, the town hall, the institute and the houses of some of the characters (such as the mayor, the physiotherapist and Maite’s) are located in this town that smells of the sea and is famous for its barnacles.

    Its long and beautiful promenade goes from the mouth of the Condomiñas River to the Area Longa beach and the port, while its parish church, Santa Maria do MarIt is from the fifteenth century.

    The investigations of the case also lead the protagonists to Ferrol (A Coruña), the city that gained relevance in the 18th century when Philip V decided to make it the center of the military shipbuilding industry. Its port, over a hundred years old, houses the shipyards that have gone through intense crises in recent years.

    The modernist neighborhood of La Magdalena

    There stands, very close to the narrowest area of ​​the Ferrol estuary, the San Felipe Castle and in front of him, on the opposite bank of the estuary, just over a hundred meters away, the castle of La Palma.

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    From the city we can see in ‘Rapa’ the modernist neighborhood of la Magdalena, considered the center of Ferrol because the town hall and the main shops and restaurants are located there. Semi-pedestrian, it was declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1983.

    Tomás’ house (Cámara), the shopping center where Norma goes (Berta Ojea) and the hospital that the protagonist visits are also located in this city dotted with neoclassical buildings such as the Arsenal gate, the church of San Julián and the old convent of San Francisco.