Animal ambulance runs 40 kilometers in the hope of new sponsors: “Want their own place”

Volunteers from Dierenambulance Hoorn defy the cold temperatures today and walk no less than 40 kilometers. With the action, the foundation asks for attention. They notice that it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage financially. In addition, the only animal ambulance in West Friesland is also urgently looking for its own place to care for animals and train people. “We are currently taking care of the rescued animals at home.”

Dierenambulance Hoorn runs 40 kilometers to raise money – NH News

Issue statement

With the sponsor tour Dierenambulance Hoorn wants to issue a statement: namely that its own location is really necessary. “For years, the seven West Frisian municipalities have been asking for their own premises. But that requires a lot of money,” says coordinator Debbie Warmenhoven of Dierenambulance Hoorn.

Animal ambulance Hoorn runs 40 kilometers to draw attention and hopes to recruit new sponsors – Tom de Vos/NH News

The municipality of Hoorn has recently made a commitment to provide the Animal Ambulance with a subsidy. This involves an amount of about 12,500 euros. “But we’re not there yet,” sighs volunteer Kiki Pierlo, who is participating in the sponsorship campaign. “People think it’s normal that an animal ambulance drives, but there is little attention for the animal ambulance to continue to exist.”

Kiki therefore hopes that the sponsorship campaign will inspire other municipalities to help as well. “Of course we have been around for 35 years, so it is nice that ‘something’ has finally happened. I just hope that the municipalities will realize that the residents who live in their municipalities find it a very important subject.”

Looking for volunteers

The work of Dierenambulance Hoorn stands or falls with volunteers. “That is why we are eager for new volunteers who want to help us with our mission,” explains volunteer Denise van ‘t Ende. “We cover the whole of West Friesland, we drive around all day and night with one car. So it would be nice if we could expand all of that, so that all animals in need can help.”

The target amount of Dierenambulance Hoorn is aimed at 2,500 euros. So far, 1,200 euros have been raised, thanks to this sponsored tour. The final amount will be doubled by Stichting DierenLot.

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