Almost 1 million euros for Torhout’s residual water reuse project

    Flanders is investing almost 1 million euros for this project. The project was approved by Flemish Minister of Agriculture Jo Brouns as a result of a call launched by Flemish Minister Hilde Crevits when she was still responsible for agriculture.

    The CONCRETE water for irrigation project focuses on the collection and storage of rainwater in the fight against drought and water scarcity. It fits within the Blue Deal of the Flemish Government. In Torhout, the project is located near the Torhout Noord business park in a water storage facility constructed for this purpose. The rainwater is physically separated from the groundwater. The saved rainwater is distributed among 10 to 20 farmers in the area. The water from other paved surfaces in the region will also be used. In this way, large paved surfaces in the Torhout-Zedelgem region can be linked to well-considered water use and a sustainable water system.

    The region thus becomes an example for many other locations in Flanders, where the cooperation between agriculture and industry is optimally utilized. The run-off water from the pavement will be saved and used in times of greater water demand. The focus here is on saving winter water (water that drains away in wet periods and is no longer available in drier summer periods). In addition, coordination is sought with other companies that need water and interaction with the existing watercourse system. The intention is to reuse 120,000 square meters.

    Bruges, on the other hand, receives 1 million euros in support from Europe for climate-neutral urban development, together with 3 other European port cities. The pilot cities want to more than halve CO2 emissions by 2030, including through sustainable mobility and renewable energy.