Strategic error of the first magnitude. This is how he qualified macarena olona the personal criticism of the Vox deputy, Carla Toscano, to the minister Irene Montero. It was the great political controversy of last week that is still alive because the ability of propaganda what have the extreme right tightening strings and altering moods to the point of exasperation is directly proportional to the one that has a determined left to answer his provocations. Far from calming down and letting himself be carried away by what It doesn’t insult who wants to but who can, the ones and the others guarantee that the extremes, rather than touching, are needed.

    We are seeing it in the day to day of the great nonsense in which politics insists on falling. Dragged by the need not to lose prominence, expanding its impermeable bubbles through the networks, looking for the headline at any price, needs focus and amplification because citizen indifference is increasing, polls follow one another, set trends –or so they say– and are considered essential to position the undecided vote for maintain, attain or expand power. A decisive element that today may be in the hands of the most angry part of society. For this reason, the resentful former Vox deputy, ignored by her former colleagues, said out loud what any citizen not aligned with the Minister of Equality could think. That with the provocation, Santiago Abascal’s party turned the questioned position into a heroine for his own and a survivor for the resigned left.

    Something similar to what the PP is trying with the minister Grande-Marlaska and his defense of the police action in Melilla last June. Shield him. The unwritten political norm says that it is enough for the opposition to request the dismissal or resignation of a minister, ‘councillor’ or councilor for the corresponding chief executive to maintain it. At least for some added time. And sometimes, many, despite themselves.

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    After the days, we can check how That personal, macho and calculated affront has become the beginning of an attempt to recover the prominence lost by the Santiago Abascal group. The subsequent parliamentary insistence, the reaction of the collective in the disproportionate abandonment of the chamber due to the withdrawal of the floor to another defiant deputy who branded the representatives of EH Bildu as philoetarras and the insistence on the necessary reciprocity that, they say, does not apply to his opponents, he has put the focus back on Vox just when the PP had taken it away.

    The images that accompanied the parliamentary riot on Tuesday show the subtle but effective direction that from the first row is imparting Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros (Madrid, January 3, 1971). The tough spokesman who spoke often because he has an answer for everything without altering his tone or composure, reserved a discreet background in the subsequent press conference, agreeing with the leader’s words claiming freedom of expression. And when saying that they will continue to speak wherever necessary, also in the streets, one could not avoid the memory of the chills that reading Antonio Scurati and his essential ‘M. The son of the century’. One hundred years later some similarities are inevitable. And even if they only seem so, that’s enough.