After the Argentine National Team received a hard blow in his World Cup debut, in which he lost 2-1 against Saudi Arabia, the networks were filled with memes, reactions and even statements from public figures. One of the most significant celebrities on the national scene in recent times, the singer and actress Lali Esposito, expressed her indignation after the VA, the technology that serves as an assistant to the referees, has not scored two goals for the albiceleste, the interpreter of “Disciplina” used her Twitter account to express her outrage. “There is no correct emoji for what I want to express”, the singer tweeted after the defeat of Argentina.

    From the world of politics, one of the first reactions came from the left: the deputy of the PTS, Myriam Bregmann He expressed his outrage with the way in which the VAR implemented the count that was so inconvenient for Argentina. “What crap is the bar,” tweeted the socialist deputy.

    Another celebrity who reacted during the game was the cartoonist Nikwho used his Twitter account to question the striker’s performance, Rodrigo DePaul. “Please, take off De Paul’s boots that say ‘Tini’ and put real ones on him. #Qatar2022” the artist tweeted, referring to the boots that the player wears which are inscribed TTT: “La Triple T” is the name of one of the hits of his girlfriend, the singer Tini Stoessel, and De Paul has those letters inscribed on his boots as a tribute to his partner. “The triple T is the three shots that I am going to hit,” added another tweeter.

    But in addition to reactions from prominent personalities, and since they could not be missing, there were memes and jokes about the defeat. “Can I eat cake or are you going to charge offside?” joked the text of an image of Lionel Messi pointing to a birthday cake, alluding to the VAR count. “How do I face the week now?” it read in one of them, which showed a fan with a hat and his face painted in light blue and white, sitting in the middle of a cobbled street and visibly evicted after the defeat.

    World Memes

    “I thought Twitter was down, but no… it’s just that everyone shut up,” tweeted a fan, saddened by the shock of the defeat. “Argentina enters the worst crisis in its history. The World Cup is coming, an opportunity for Argentina to win, unite the country and bring joy to its people. Argentina loses, re-enters the worst crisis in its history.*repeats*”, added another, pointing out the relationship between the unstable situation of national politics and the ups and downs of its soccer performance.

    “Now all the offsides make sense,” said another tweeter, showing an image of chapu martinezthe influencer who became known in the previous World Cup, when his song of encouragement “Bring me the cup, Messi” went viral. Martinez traveled to Qatar and was present during the match, and since Argentina did not “bring the cup” in the previous World Cup despite the encouragement of the influencer, he was marked as a “muff” on social networks.

    Chapu Martinez

    As every time a fact awakens memes on social networks, the series “The Simpsons” It was a must reference. Homer’s image was shown with the caption “for you everything is offside, so forgive me for being so offside”, versioning the chapter where the character argues with his daughter Lisa about the cruel way in which she was treating an elephant . “Everything is cruel to you, so forgive me for being so cruel,” Homer tells his daughter in the episode. The model and media Vicky Xipolitakis He was also a character that the fans turned to to express their grief, confronting a smiling image of the former participant of “Dancing for a dream” with the legend “first time” along with one in which she is crying inconsolably that says “second weather”.

    World Memes

    World Memes

    Another reference character for memes was Prince Charming, from the popular animated film “Shrek”. “It can’t be that a team led by the prince from Shrek is beating us, kill me,” said the tweeter meme, exposing the resemblance between the villain of the famous saga and the coach of the Arab team, the former French footballer Herve Renard.

    World Memes

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