Angelozzi: “Soul is ready for Juventus. Kaio Jorge is coming back”

Angelozzi spoke about the growth of the players on loan from Juventus: both Soulè and Kaio Jorge would have grown this season

Speaker at Total Football on Rai Sportthe sporting director of FrosinoneGuido Angelozzispoke about the growth of players on loan from Juventus. Here are his words:Soule can potentially raise the quality level of Juventus. Soule he’s a strong player, he’s talented, he’s young but then playing in the Juventus It’s not easy but this guy can play in it Juventus. Right now Church he is playing as a striker and they can both play one on one side, one on the other then it depends on the coach. Soule as Barrenechea And Kaio Jorge who is growing after two years of being out of action is a player who is becoming important again.”

Furthermore, on the moment of Juventus he added: “He doesn’t have the rose ofInter which is strong, if Frattesi does the reserve do something it means, other reserves would play in the Juventus which has 11-12 top level players and then the others are all young. This year he has done an amazing job launching so many young players, what they are doing in my opinion is above average. Cheer up? I don’t have to defend anyone but last year there Juventus was penalized 10 points with a crazy story and Cheer up he brought the team to the Champions League with an extraordinary job and this year he is doing an extraordinary job with a young team, he doesn’t have a squad as important as that ofInter or of Milan or of Naples. It may happen that in this period they have scored a point in three games.”

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