Angela Groothuizen coughs on countless celebrities: mass infection?

Is Angela Groothuizen a superspreader? She may have infected an entire battalion of celebrities with the coronavirus last weekend and is now in deep trouble. “Sorry, sorry.”

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Angela Groothuizen performed last weekend during the Music Festival of the Year in the capital’s Ziggo Dome. She already had flu-like symptoms, but she persevered. And now it emerged yesterday that she has the until recently feared coronavirus among her members. The presenter and singer is really sick from it.

Angela has corona

Actually, Angela feels a little guilty. “Okay… Apologies to everyone I worked and performed with last week, including for Zilveren Kruis, Complex E-Techniek and also the entire music party with all those colleagues in the Ziggo Dome that will be broadcast on New Year’s Eve,” she writes. Instagram.

She continues with a photo of her corona test: “I bravely persevered with a sore throat, closed ears and a blocked runny nose. Hoarse Corrie in that house. Sorry, sorry… I hope I haven’t infected anyone, but I fear so because I have Covid and not just a little bit. I’m going to be out of action for a few days…”

Mass contamination

So it could just be that Angela has a super spreader and has caused a mass infection in Dutch celebrities. Stars present included Jan Smit, Marco Schuitmaker, René Froger, René Karst, Mart Hoogkamer, Wolter Kroes, Frans Duijts and even more dangerous: the very old Peter Koelewijn (82).

What a misery. Poor Mart Hoogkamer too – is constantly ill, cancels performances more often than he is on stage and now he has bumped into Angela backstage with a fever. Very cozy. Especially for your immune system. And has anyone checked whether Peter Koelewijn has gotten out of bed in recent days?

Get well soon

In any case, many stars wish Angela a speedy recovery, including Hugo Kennis, Leco van Zadelhoff and William Rutten. “Get well soon!!!”, it sounds. Hugo, a television chef, is also lying down: “Get well soon, darling! Party here too. ❤️ x”

Let’s hope for the celebrities present that Angela’s performance in the Ziggo Dome wasn’t too spectacular…


Angela coughs out all her friends: