Angela de Jong responds to Gordon riot: ‘National cuddly narcissist!’

Angela de Jong also contributes to the discussion about Gordon’s down program. She teases the entertainer in her column by describing him as a “national cuddle narcissist.”


It annoys Gordon immensely how much criticism there is of his program Down the Road, in which he spends time with people with Down syndrome. According to the entertainer, those candidates are happy with him: “Transmitting my own life lessons to these young adult people with Down is priceless!”

Attack of Arjen

However, the criticism leveled at Gordon and down programs in general is broadly supported. It even made it to the wildly popular show of the influential Arjen Lubach. He believes that programs such as Gordon’s will no longer be possible in 2023.

It wouldn’t surprise Angela de Jong if Arjen does something with this. After all, that is often the case when he treats a subject in his program. “Lubach’s third season is less than two weeks away and he has already put a number of topics high on the national agenda,” she writes in the AD.

Cuddle narcissist

Now Arjen is targeting Gordon. “Take poor Gordon. Lubach doesn’t even allow him to parachute with downies anymore. So bland. Our national cuddly narcissist must also have an excuse to regularly fly from Dubai to the Netherlands. Anything better than him singing again.”

National cuddle narcissist? Anything better than him singing again? Is all this still possible after the croquette verdict? It’s an ‘exaggeration’, Angela clarifies to be sure. “Nothing is more satisfying for a columnist than occasionally indulge in a good dose of irony. That also fits Lubach’s style.”