Angela de Jong gives AD colleague Eus the final blow: ‘That’s not right!’

Angela de Jong delivers the final blow to the credibility of her own AD colleague Özcan Akyol. According to her, there is no truth in his claims. “That wasn’t in the newspaper.”


It is unprecedented how much Özcan Akyol is doing in the discussion about alleged howling videos and moaning apps by Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. The presenter has made several claims to his colleagues at VI about why he left his TVbestie has so publicly thrown him under the bus. And there is quite a bit of confusion about that.

Revenge group

René van der Gijp came up with completely new information last week, based on a conversation with Eus: “There are three or four people who worked at DWDD and they have quite a lot of material on their phones. One works at Op1, the others also here at the Mediapark. They have a lot of material, but also apps to women. They have everything.”

When will that come out? If there is still a threat of a TV comeback from Matthijs, according to Gijp. “He revealed what Eus would have told him behind the scenes,” Angela de Jong responded in her column last week. “Like this. We know that again. But I wonder whether regular guest Eus and the former editors in question are so happy with that.”

Moaning apps

How does Eus know that that revenge group has apps to women, a kind of moaning apps? “Yes, that is also in the newspaper,” he said on Monday in VI. “I told him that here. That was in the newspaper. Everyone involved knows about it. What’s so special about that? (…) I can now show you a screenshot of the AD.”

The AD has written a lot about the Matthijs issue, but it certainly does not suggest that there is a revenge group that has collected eight years of material, including ‘texts to women’, Angela de Jong emphasizes in the AD Media podcast. It is striking that Angela attacks Eus’s credibility, because they work for the same newspaper.

Very inconvenient

Angela reprimands Özcan. “I think he handled the whole thing with that video really clumsily. On Monday evening a number of things were mixed up again and all kinds of things were said again, that all kinds of things are known and have been in the newspapers.”

“Well, the fact that there are a number of editors who are so angry with Matthijs that they keep a film in reserve or have collected material for eight years to keep it in reserve when he returns, that is not reflected in newspapers. stood.”

‘Not at all’

Podcast host Manuel Venderbos has not read that anywhere either. “No, that wasn’t in the newspapers.”

Media journalist Dennis Jansen: “No, not at all.”

Angela: “There are groups between former editors who keep each other informed of what is published and to encourage each other, but nothing more.”

It is also strange that the video of Matthijs that Eus was so mysterious about ultimately turned out to be just a fragment from an old DWDD documentary, Angela thinks. “That’s very strange.”

Never seen

Eus states that he never saw that documentary, so he did not know that. Also nonsense, according to Angela. “I remember when the Volkskrant story came out, I sat with Eva Jinek that same evening to talk about it. Then I also said to the editors: show some images of that documentary, because then you can already see that it is not very pleasant.”

“Then Eus was also sitting at the table, he also saw those images. And then he said to my knowledge: ‘What am I supposed to see here? It’s not that special.’”

‘Did it yourself’

Eus’ story has more holes than Swiss cheese. Manuel thinks it’s unbelievable. “Then he told a crazy story to Gijp?”

Angela: “Yes, he can blame the media now, but of course it doesn’t work that way. He himself really suggested that there was footage in which he went further out of his way than what we had seen in public so far.”