André Rieu has never been photographed on the beach: ‘Paparazzi desperate’

André Rieu is one of the most beloved artists in the Netherlands, yet we hardly see him in the magazines. And in his swimming trunks? Not at all. “Paparazzi always miss him.”


The tabloids are only too happy to find out more about André Rieu’s private life, but he protects that domain very well. We never see the violinist parading along the boulevard of some fashionable seaside resort or sitting, like other celebrities, in all kinds of trendy places in Ibiza. Does he ever go on holiday at all?

André on Curaçao?

Patty Brard strongly wonders about the latter. “We were just chatting and I look at those cards and I think: it’s only the beginning of the year and I see on the second card that the Christmas concerts are on sale. Does that man ever go on holiday?” she says Show news.

Colleague Bart Ettekoven, who has been at the helm of the Weekend for years, has no idea. “Well, you never actually see photos of him on a beach or with his wife or his children, having a nice trip to Curaçao. No, actually, no, even as a paparazzi photographer… They always miss him in some way.”

At home in the castle

The paparazzi are at a loss: where on earth does Rieu hang out in the summer? “Either he just doesn’t go on holiday and stays in his own castle in Maastricht or he goes to very secret places.”

Patty: “I don’t think so, because if you consider that he does 90 concerts… How many days of that will be spent traveling?”

Half of the year

René Mioch really thinks that André is obsessed with his work. “And in America, with jet lag and stuff. Then you can say that he travels half the year.”

Last week André performed in Amsterdam and then traveled to Antwerp. So it goes on. “It’s incredible,” Patty concludes.