André Hazes Jr. himself about Rachel’s cold single hijacking: ‘Very sad’

André Hazes Jr. responds to the heartless single hijacking by his mean mother Rachel Hazes. “I’m not angry, but sad. Disappointed,” said the son of the famous André Hazes.


It’s so disgusting again: shortly after teasing her daughter Roxeanne Hazes, her mean mother Rachel Hazes now decides to also target her son André Hazes Jr. He once let her know that he would like to sing one of his father’s classics – I’m having summer in my head – with Kris Kross Amsterdam, but she has now simply passed him by.

André explodes

Why is that so painful? For this reissue it was decided to also use the voice of the late André. The Kris Kross trio sings a duet with the legendary André, together with rapper Donnie and Tino Martin. And André? Apparently he is no longer allowed to duet with his own father now that he has been removed from mother Rachel’s prom book.

Hazologist Yvonne Coldeweijer on her juicechannel: “I hear from a spy at MediaLane that the bomb exploded there! André junior is FURIOUS about this one collab. What I hear is that it was originally his idea to do this collab with Kris Kross and that he would sing together with his father’s voice.”


Rachel laughs in her son’s face. “He then shared this idea with his mother… But because she and Dré no longer speak, she stole his idea and deliberately asked Tino to do the collab! They will even sing it at Holland Zingt Hazes! Then Tino sings the song together with your father’s voice, wowwww.”

Yvonne continues: “When Dré heard that from MediaLane, the producer, he was completely freaked out. For the observant spy: that’s why he wasn’t at the press day of Holland Zingt Hazes!! Bloodbon with his mother again.”

Manager confirms

André’s manager more or less confirms this story RTL Boulevard: “Ideas for new music are always there and it could well be that André suggested this idea in the first place. What the other party ultimately does with it is up to them. But, I find it quite strange that André was not asked for this project in the first place.”

What a ‘mess’, says Eddy Zoëy at the desk. “The rights to all Hazes songs actually belong to the children, but they belong to Rachel. If Rachel encourages a team of young producers who score hits to do this, a hit will be scored and that money will go to her, while it should actually go to the kids.”

André responds himself

Ronald Molendijk, the music connoisseur of Show news, pukes on Rachel. “Maybe I’m just sentimental, but I just find it difficult that the rights holder – which is currently Rachel Hazes – does not have the moral compass to actually think: I can do it with anyone, but it should actually be done with my son and daughter. be done.”

If you finally bring out the voice of the late André, then you cannot ignore his children as a mother, says Ronald. “I also talked to André about this. There is nothing angry, but you may remember your father saying: ‘I am not angry, but sad. Disappointed.'”

Moral appeal

Ronald spoke to an upset André. “I can simply say that André is sad about this. I just want to make a moral appeal for once. It’s just his father, right? Sometimes we just forget that. This song is one of a kind for me smoking gun of how fucked up it just happens, you know?”

That Rachel is just a bitch, says Ronald. “This is just a raised finger to your child. You just have to protect André Hazes’ voice, don’t you? I just don’t think it’s a choice. Mrs Hazes could have simply said: ‘Guys, I think it’s a nice plan, but maybe in 2, 3 or 5 years then my kids will be fine, then we’ll do it.’”