André Hazes jr. laughs with discomfort when he is asked about the news that he has unfollowed Patty Brard. He calls on her to be nicer. “Only love once.”

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    No one is surprised: André Hazes jr., like most Dutch celebrities, has boundlessly long toes. The folk singer has just spent two weekends at Holland Zingt Hazes surrounded by family slime dresses such as Jeroen van der Boom and John de Bever and is not waiting for a critical note at all. Not even if it comes from Patty Brard.

    Andrew confirmed

    At the Shownieuws desk, Patty has questioned the much-discussed pat about the bulb that André handed out to his mother Rachel last week at ‘HZH’. Since the two guarded ‘appropriate distance’ from each other behind the scenes – as André calls it – Patty finds this pat on the head rather fake happen.

    What seems? Patty was immediately unfollowed by André after her statements. He was asked about it yesterday at ‘HZH’ by a reporter from her program. Laughing with discomfort, André tells Patty: “I hope you’ll be nice to me sometime. Only love please once.”


    Patty herself thinks it’s a bit childish, she reacts in the studio. “First you have the playground of, ‘I don’t play with you anymore,’ and then after that you have Instagram and, ‘I don’t follow you anymore!’”

    She continues: “Why? That’s actually because we showed a video of Andre petting his mother Rachel on the head and I’m actually kind of doubting whether that was a genuine thing or something on camera that he did. I said that here and then he seems to have unfollowed me. Other people found out.”

    In my heart

    Patty thinks it’s a shame André reacts this way, because she has been in his life for a long time. She addresses him through the camera: “Yes, you know, dear André: I have nothing but love for you, ever since you were so small. We discuss things here, but my love for both Rox and André will always remain.”

    She continues: “I remember well when they both performed at my wedding and they said to Antoine: ‘Welcome to the family, both of you.’ They are just both in my heart. It’s really not meant as a sneer. I want to make that clear. And I love him.”

    “Watch out, huh?”

    Colleague Bart Ettekoven criticizes the fact that André drops so many hints about his relationship with Monique Westenberg at another point in the broadcast. “I wonder if that is very healthy. If you had just focused on that music career for a while, but they still felt called…”

    Then Patty breaks in: “Watch out, huh, because you’re being unfollowed in front of you!”

    Why André is so peddling with his private life all the time? He was also asked that by Shownieuws: “I think it is important that all important people around me deserve a podium. I say that to their face, but I also like it when the world hears that from me, so to speak.”

    A lot of words to describe what it’s really about: attention.