dfter the triumph at the last Paris Fashion Week last October, Andie Macdowell lives a moment of new splendor. And she confirms herself to all intents and purposes as the new queen of the over 60 beauty icons, with a special mission: to spread awareness of the art of embrace aging. But also to debunk the false myths that lead to the now obsolete practice ofage shaming.

    Andie Macdowell, on the crest of the wave at 64 years old

    2022 was the year of redemption for the protagonist of “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and “Green card”which from the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival to the catwalks of L’Oreal he was all the rage with his unmistakable silver hair and an impeccable physical shape to say the least. But the star of Hollywood, Margaret Qualley’s proud mother, doesn’t stop there. She wants to make the most of this – new – moment of splendor by launching messages of self-love and pearls of wisdom dedicated to all the women who have turned the corner.

    Paris, October 2, 2022. The American star on the catwalk of the show “Le Defile Walk Your Worth” By L’Oreal Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

    The standards of beauty have changed

    In her latest interviews, the American actress born in 1958 religiously commits herself to making a myth by now obsolete: getting older does not necessarily mean losing charm. «Accepting the passage of time is a choice, we decide whether we are fine or not» she explained recently, noting that times have changed and standards of beauty have evolved «I see that people appreciate me even now, this is an important message for all women».

    Andie MacDowell parades with gray hair at PFW: a choice that smacks of freedom

    The only old thing is age shaming

    The star of “I’m starting over” she was one of the first divas to realize that the time is right to break free from the old patterns. She officially became an “over” beauty icon thanks to the first social posts with i natural gray hair during the first lockdown, now he never misses an opportunity to reiterate the concept: “I’m not at all ashamed of my age”.

    L’ageing in essence it is to be understood more as an evolution, so it becomes easy to accept the passing of time and the changing body. This thought creates the right mindset not to let go and never get tired of taking care of yourself. In her case, eating healthy and fresh foods every day, rich in taste and nutrients. And practicing yoga: “Yoga helps you relax,” she explained «when you are less stressed, you are automatically more beautiful».