An open speech from Sami Jauhojärvi – Christian values ​​in the family

Sami Jauhojärvi talks openly about family, values ​​and money. I am interested in coaching, but now is not the time.

  • Olympic champion Sami Jauhojärvi emphasizes respect and cannot tolerate violence.
  • Jauhojärvi feels that he has something to contribute to coaching at the national team level.
  • The ex-skier who became an entrepreneur is doing well financially.

Sami Jauhojärvi42, life changed soon seven years ago.

The Olympic champion in skiing decided to end his career and focus on his family. In Jauhojärvi and his Laura-his wife had two children at the time. The third was born in 2018.

– Top sport was simple, when I could focus completely on myself and that I was in good shape. Now we have to take four other family members into account, Jauhojärvi describes his current everyday life.

Values ​​are repeated in the speech of Jauhojärvi, known as social. Christian educational principles are followed in the family, but it is not about religion.

– Christianity is specifically related to values. I want to stick to the educational principles that have been honored for centuries. Respecting others and being polite, for example, says Jauhojärvi.

– I want to raise our children to be smart, obedient people.

The Lahti World Championships 2017 were Jauhojärvi’s last. Pasi Liesimaa

The values ​​came to the fore in 2022, when Jauhojärvi participated in the Special Forces program. It was described as the fiercest competitive reality show in Finnish television history.

In one task, there had to be a physical struggle for a ring.

– I’m going home now. Twice I have had to cross my personal value limit in that I have hit or behaved aggressively towards another person, said the ex-skier.

Jauhojärvi felt that he cannot teach his children that violence is not a solution if he himself behaves in the opposite way. Non-violence is very important in the family.

– Our family has zero tolerance for violence. It sometimes occurs if the right of the bigger one is wedged a little in front. Such a thing is discussed in a very constructive spirit, how would you feel if this happened to you.


Jauhojärvi and Iivo Niskanen celebrate the 2014 Olympic gold in the pair relay. Kari Kuukka

In the everyday life of a family of five, the calendar is full to the brim.

Jauhojärvi works as a Viaplay expert, holds lectures and ski schools, coaches company employees and works for a company that sells house packages. According to tax data, he earned a total of 109,468 euros in 2022.

– The beginning of the year has felt like I didn’t have time to do everything I wanted to. The schedule is pressing all the time.

– As an entrepreneur, you have to make money when it’s available. Financially, I have reached a position where I can manage and make money.

The children’s hobby selection includes floorball, skiing, trick-or-treating and dancing. Saturday is the only day the kids aren’t playing – if the two boys don’t have a floorball tournament.

Running a daily routine requires the cooperation of parents.

– Both have responsibility. We don’t mind if the other says take care of this and I’ll do this.

To become a top coach?

Aleksi Parttimaa is being coached by Jauhojärvi. Jussi Saarinen

Jauhojärvi also coaches a skier Aleksi Partimaata. Others have also asked the Olympic champion to be their pilot, but the hours in the day are not enough.

– Coaching is such a time-consuming job if you go to the national team level. It’s not time yet. As long as the children need me at home, I will not be available full-time for coaching, Jauhojärvi says.

The Olympic champion feels that after the end of his own career, he gained new perspectives that could be useful for national team athletes.

– Useless and casual mistakes should be eliminated from the athletes. I’ve been looking at my old training journals. Until the last few years, I made some reasonably stupid mistakes. I would be able to bring know-how, but also to question the operation. Have you thought about why you do this? Could you do it another way?

Jauhojärvi doesn’t dream of coaching the national team, but talks about individuals. He emphasizes the importance of concentration.

– When we are at work, the work is done with concentration, and not rushing around.

Middle age

Jauhojärvi is Viaplay’s skiing expert. Narrator Jussi Eskola works as a couple. PASI LEISMA

In Jauhojärvi’s everyday life, three-hour runs have changed to exercise according to the family’s schedule. The memory of the career is the iron bottom condition.

– The run can now be three quarters, when the children are playing. I have a weight room at home. The last time I used it was in February 2023, he laughs.

The fire for sports has not disappeared. Jauhojärvi has promised himself to move more than now.

– I notice that my condition is deteriorating faster and faster. Middle age is getting late, so you have to pay attention to muscle condition.