HJK’s ugly away loss in Rome boils down to one misplaced pass.

    Malik Abubakar’s position says everything essential about HJK’s trip to Rome. FEDERICO PROIETTI

    HJK even set out to challenge AS Roma at their home Stadio Olimpico quite evenly.

    However, the balance of the field swung decisively in favor of the hosts in the 14th minute of the match, when the captain Miro Tenho got a straight red card by Andrea Belotti knocking out.

    Tenho couldn’t really do anything about the situation, because Roma’s power forward got the ball in a dangerous area by Lucas Lingman from a gross misfeed.

    After that, the defender just made sure that Il Gallo couldn’t score.

    After the match, Lingman was ready to put his hands up. His mistake now backfired on the whole team.

    – Things happen in futs. Sometimes you make mistakes, and now it backfired in a big way. A bad drip, and Miro had to suffer for it. I did apologize to him, Lingman admitted.

    – That’s how futs is. It hurts and it happens.

    Lingman’s essence told all that was necessary. He knew very well that HJK’s only chance to rob the Stadio Olimpico of even a tie point depended heavily on the success of the entire team.

    When the team played for nearly 80 minutes, the match turned out to be quite a one-sided show.

    – I had to keep playing, nothing else helped. Mistakes happen in some way every time, but this time it just backfired in a big way.

    – Of course it takes a toll on the mind. I know it was my fault.