An hour and a half in the car to watch AZ for 5 minutes and 6 seconds

AZ completed the abandoned home match against NEC (1-2) tonight. At the end of October, the stadium with 19,500 spectators was sold out. This time around a thousand people took the time to watch the five minute and six second tail end. There was no change in the score. “I left Den Helder for five minutes, but I actually didn’t have to,” said a fanatical AZ supporter.

The match was on Sunday, October 29 stopped in the last minutebecause NEC striker Bas Dost had collapsed on the field. He had to be resuscitatedbut is now doing well considering the circumstances.

Noisy exit

Because the KNVB match had to be completed, the gates of the stadium were opened again and everyone who was there at the time was welcome. NEC was supported by 237 noisy supporters in the away section.

The enthusiasm among AZ’s supporters was less, possibly also caused by the 1-2 deficit. Although the fanatical Ben-side tried to shout AZ for the equalizer in the few minutes of play. In vain, although AZ did create a few chances. However, the people of Nijmegen held their ground.

“It was still a lot of fun,” said a father who came to the stadium with his son. “It was over before you knew it,” says a female supporter from Zaandam. Among the spectators was also a diehard fan from Den Helder: “I always go, but tonight I give it to the NEC, after that situation with Bas.”