An embarrassing video of Mark Zuckerberg is spreading

Zuckerberg’s statue at the UFC event caught the attention of TV viewers.

Mark Zuckerberg bought himself an unforgettable UFC experience. PDO

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg stunned with his actions at UFC 298 in Anaheim.

The millionaire, known as a freestyle fan, had managed to get himself a place in the team of the sport legend Alexander Volkanovski. Before the main match of the evening, he walked into the arena with Volkanovski and his coaches.

When the Aussie fighter started to take off his clothes for the match, Zuckerberg stood next to him, looking annoyed. The coaches accepted the clothes, and the visitor had no position left in the situation.

During the matches, Zuckerberg sat in the bleachers right next to the ring.

Georgian Merab Dvalishvili seemed to be yelling something at the technology director in his own match, and he laughed back.

In the fall, Zuckerberg found himself in the middle of an uproar in UFC circles when he allegedly rented the UFC Apex arena for his own use for an entire match night. There were hardly any fans other than Zuckerberg and his wife.

However, the head man of the organization, Dana White, dismissed those rumors.

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