An attempt was made to pimp Tiger Woods’ teenage son – It’s an old granny

Charlie Woods was forced to have a girlfriend at a golf tournament.

Tiger and Charlie Woods make a tough golf duo. ZumaWire / MVPHOTOS

Tiger Woods’ 15-year-old son Charlie was mobbed by the crowd at a PGA Tour qualifier in Florida.

Local Palm Beach Post reported that an attempt was made to pimp a teenage promise in the middle of the race day.

A grandmother had picked up her grandchild from school to watch the tournament so Woods noticed the girl. The story does not say whether eyes had met.

The fans behaved in an intrusive way anyway. One of the spectators tried to get the boy’s autograph in Tiger Woods’ book, even though it was forbidden during the game. When the spectator was hurried away, he made a big fuss about it.

– I live here, he said.

Fans followed Woods’ movements on the golf course right up to the fairway, when the area was not fenced off. The orderlies’ orders did not work.

– Who are you? Any fire chief? The audience heard.

Whatever it was, Woods’ game in Florida was a complete mess. He frolicked among the wild crowd bog after bog.