Amsterdam takes national title after nerve-racking final: shoot-outs decisive

The hockey players of Amsterdam have just become national champions by beating SCHC (Stichtse) in Bilthoven. The second game in the final ended in 2-2. The first final too, so shoot-outs were taken. They were better shot by the team from Amsterdam (4-1) and the title was won. The 21st in the history of the hockey club.

The hockey players of Amsterdam started dramatically in the decisive final against SCHC (Stichtse). The team from Utrecht came 1-0 in the first minute via Laurien Leurink. She shot the ball behind Anne Veenendaal.

The Amsterdam goalkeeper made a mistake, but she then reversed Trijntje Beljaars’ effort. Out of nowhere, Amsterdam came back to the same level in the first quarter. Fay van der Elst hit: 1-1.

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In the third period of the game, Amsterdam had an imposed chance to take the lead. After a penalty corner by Sabine Plönissen, the ball landed on Renée van Laarhoven’s foot. The visitors received a penalty ball, but Van der Elst aimed her shot at the post.

Three times it turned out to be a charm for Amsterdam. Stella van Gils hit the penalty corner through a number of players: 2-1. For a long time that seemed to be the final score. That changed after Pien Dicke tapped 2-2 into the goal. After four quarters it was still 2-2, so shoot-outs were the deciding factor. Lauren Verschoor shot the decisive hit (4-1) and Amsterdam became champion.

Reactions of this competition will appear on our channels as soon as possible. Later in the afternoon, the men’s hockey final is between Bloemendaal and Pinoké, starting at 4 p.m. NH Sport is also present there, so don’t miss anything of this final battle.