Amsterdam in third place on the list of most romantic cities: “A joke”

Most Amsterdammers will shake their heads when they this investigation read. This shows that our city is number three in the top ten most romantic cities in the world for a city trip. Above Amsterdam are San Francisco and Paris. “I don’t know who made this list, but Beirut could have been on it.”

“Amsterdam is the most romantic city in the world”, laughs an Amsterdammer. “That’s a joke, maybe back in the day, yes.” The reaction is in line with the reaction of most Amsterdammers who AT5 speaks. Another: “Amsterdam is very romantic. As Eberhard van der Laan said: the problem is that the rest of the world now knows that too.”

Tourists think it is indeed a beautiful city. Rightly so, most say, that it is in the top ten. “The canals, the houses, the whole atmosphere is romantic.”

‘Behave like a tourist’

Dating coach Daan de Ram is not a fan of Amsterdam, even though he works there himself. “I don’t know who made this list, but Beirut could have been on it.” But if you’re in Amsterdam anyway: “Then it’s good to behave like a tourist,” he says. When you look through those glasses, you start doing different things than usual, he says. “In Paris they will not climb the Eiffel Tower and in Groningen they will not go to the Martinitoren, but that can be fun.”

According to De Ram, you can go to the Amsterdam Dungeon, for example, or to the A’dam Toren on the swings. “If you are going to do something exciting, your date will automatically see you as exciting,” says De Ram. If you want to test whether someone is relationship material: “Then you can go to an Escape Room in Amsterdam. Then you can test whether the other person can handle stress well, or can handle it if you lose.”