Amstelvener leads police to suspected car squatter, arrested during home invasion

The police arrested a suspected car squatter in the Keizer Karelpark district of Amstelveen yesterday morning. This happened after officers raided a home at the direction of a victimized car owner. Stolen items were found in that house.

Photo: Veenendaalplein Amstelveen – Google Streetview

When the police receive a report that a man is feeling the doors of cars, officers are immediately dispatched. During a search through the neighborhood, a man who matches the description is found, but because the police cannot determine that he has done anything punishable, he is allowed to leave again.

During another tour through the neighborhood, the officers spotted the same man again. Around that moment, the officers are approached by a man who says that items were stolen from his car and that his bicycle was stolen a day earlier.

Camera images

They see the previously checked man fleeing into a house, call colleagues for reinforcement and surround the house. In the meantime, the robbed man shows the police camera images of a man who matches the description previously provided, the police wrote on Instagram.

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As soon as the police have permission, they raid the house and arrest the man. Officers soon come across stolen goods. When they then conduct a thorough search of the house, it turns out that the man has probably taken much more loot.

Loot returned to owners

The suspect has been taken to the station where he is being interrogated. The loot found has now been redistributed among the previously affected and rightful owners. It is not known whether the man who put the police on the trail of the suspect has recovered the valuables from his car and his bicycle.

The police are investigating what the man has done. The fact is that the Amstelveen police recently warned car owners for an increasing number of car squats. In addition to valuables from cars, valuable car parts are also regularly stolen. Catalytic converters and headlights are especially popular.

The police are calling on victims to report the incident in all cases.