American boxer Jake Paul (friend Jutta Leerdam) announces Netflix documentary with spicy photo | Sport

American boxer/YouTuber Jake Paul (26) will have his own documentary on Netflix. His relationship with the Dutch skater Jutta Leerdam (24) will also be discussed.

“My life has been shown since I was 16, but my story has never been told,” writes Jake Paul with a racy photo, in which he only wears two boxing gloves. Untold can be seen on Netflix from Tuesday, August 1.

It is part of the series of Untold documentaries that Netflix has been producing and broadcasting on the streaming platform since 2021. Previous hits include ‘Untold: Malice at the Palace’ about a big NBA brawl in 2004, ‘Untold: Breaking Point’ with tennis player Mardy Fish and ‘Untold: Caitlyn Jenner’.

Fight with UFC legend Nate Diaz

The documentary will look back at Jake Paul’s rise as a boxer and social media phenomenon, as well as serve as a warm-up for his fight with UFC legend Nate Diaz. On Saturday, August 5, the two ruffs will face each other in the boxing ring in Dallas. Paul hopes to hit back in Texas after losing his first boxing match against Tommy Fury at the end of February. At a press conference, ‘The Problem Child’ stated again last month how high the stake is. “I just lost a fight. If Nate Diaz beats me now, where am I? We are two boxers who cannot and do not want to lose. It’s war and I’m ready,” Paul told the American press. “I am more than ever bursting with revenge, ambition and hunger. I have a lot to prove and hold a huge grudge. The party is really all or nothing for me.”

Jutta Leerdam responded with a heart and the comment ‘Unstoppable’ to her boyfriend’s announcement on Instagram, where Paul has more than 23 million followers. Leerdam now even has 4.2 million followers and many foreign fans, after they announced their relationship on the social media platform at the beginning of April.

Jake Paul has been known for years as a ‘problem child‘ and the 26-year-old American has had many relationships, mainly with well-known models. The relationship with Paul Leerdam therefore received many reactions. “I am very much in love and I am really on a pink cloud. Men in particular share their opinions via Instagram. He has, of course, portrayed himself in a certain way online. But he is super sweet and not a bad boy,” Leerdam said recently when she was a guest on College Tour. “There are men who think I belong to them. I find that scary. Then they can easily hate on Jake. I’ve never had a boy respect me so much.”