Amber Heard, who lost to Johnny Depp in the trial, has lived a quiet life after experiencing it. However, there is intense speculation about his future plans.

    Amber Heard is rumored to be writing a book in which she reveals everything about Johnny Depp and their relationship. The actress is said to be standing in her views at the trial. AOP

    Actress Amber Heard, 36, lost to her ex-husband Johnny Deppille, 59, in a spring trial in the United States. Since the incident, Heard has been silent in the media, although Depp also committed defamation.

    Recently, Heard has opened his mind publicly. She said in an interview with NBC News that she still loves her ex-husband, even though their relationship was stormy according to the trial and Heard is afraid of a new trial.

    – I love him. I loved him with all my heart. And I tried my best to make our deeply broken relationship work, and I didn’t get it, Heard commented earlier.

    Now the actor is rumored to be writing a book about his experiences, as he has nothing to lose. The book would be about Johnny Depp, as Amber feels his career is over in Hollywood after a trial harmful to him.

    The actor, who has become familiar with Aquaman, is said to make a memoir of the book in which he explains his relationship with Depp. The work should reveal everything.

    It was originally OK! A person close to Amber for Magazine. According to Mirror, the book could be a lucrative idea for Heard, and it could help with damages.

    Heard updated his coverage after the trial and as the situation calmed down in an interview with NBC News. AOP

    New York attorney Dror Bikel has commented on a possible book in advance, as he thinks Heard will lose everything forever if he writes the book.

    – Depp and his lawyer read and listen to everything Heard claims. If he crosses the line, which is likely, then he will get a second charge and end up back in court.

    The actor has said he will remain in his point of view and testimony until his death. Indeed, there are rumors from Hollywood insiders that the trial and Amber’s comments are likely to make it hard for him to find work.

    – I think it is very difficult for Amber to get up from her situation. Will he be able to return to his life as an actor? I think that’s unlikely, reporter Sam Rubin commented on Heard’s situation directly.

    Amber Heard has not commented on any moving allegations and speculation about him regarding his career or possible book.

    Heard has been last seen properly in a public trial. He quietly gave an interview to NBC recently. Shutterstock

    Source: Mirror