Amazing assessment of Mikko Rantanen’s salary: “I wouldn’t be surprised at all”

Mikko Rantanen’s current contract with the Colorado Avalanche expires in the summer of 2025. The man’s next contract will be massive.

  • Mikko Rantanen plays night after night against the world’s best hockey players.
  • The American media giant ESPN ranked him the fourth best winger in the NHL.

In September 2019, Mikko Rantanen signed a six-year, $55.5 million contract with the Avalanche.

The contract expires on June 30, 2025. Suddenly it seems like it’s still a long time, but for the top players, they start talking about an extension in good time.

This is what happens with Rantasen too.

– Negotiations haven’t started yet. According to NHL rules, one year before the end of the contract, further negotiations can begin. They will probably start next summer, Rantanen tells Iltalehte at the table of a cafe in the center of Denver.

The cafe breathes Scandinavianness. Swedish music plays in the background and there are laskias buns in the display case. The top hockey player still doesn’t admit to feeling homesick.

– I used to live on the upper floor of this complex. A familiar place, the player laughs.

Free player

Striker Mikko Rantas is expecting an even bigger day of reckoning in the summer of 2025. TIMO KUNNARI

Rantas will become an unrestricted free agent on June 30, 2025 when the contract expires. He can negotiate with the club he wants to continue.

Of course, it is possible that the Avalanche will lock up their golden nugget in a long extension paper already before the summer of 2025.

Is there an option to go elsewhere?

– Probably not. I have had very good years here. There are so many good players here. I’m only interested in winning, that’s the most important thing. There are many players in this team in prime timethis team will be able to win in the next few years, 27-year-old Rantanen answers.

Rantanen’s goal average in the last three seasons is 40 goals and the scoring average is 88. This season will raise the averages, if the man stays healthy.

12 million per season?

Media giant ESPN rated Mikko Rantanen as the fourth best winger in the NHL. AOP / USA TODAY Sports

The Ascendant’s next deal is going to be massive. The player’s teammate, Nathan MacKinnon, earns 12.6 million bucks per season, and the man’s net worth is over $100 million.

For example, Toronto’s William Nylander’s seasonal salary is 11.5 million, but the Swede is not a player of Rantanen’s level.

Rantanen’s next salary can be compared to the salaries of these players. The top name in the summer 2025 free agent negotiations will be Edmonton’s Leon Draisaitl.

The NHL’s salary cap is going up, and the players’ salaries are going up with it.

Eight years

In the NHL, you can sign a maximum eight-year contract with your own team. Otherwise, the maximum length is seven years.

– I wouldn’t be at all surprised that Mikko would sign an eight-year contract that is strongly focused on benefits and includes a signing bonus. He’s a great player, and a Stanley Cup winner. And he specifically played a big role in the champion team, a hockey insider told Iltalehde.

– Players like that deserve and get good contracts.

In short, a player of Rantanen’s level should maximize the money in his next contract, and that is best done by making a maximum paper.

The total value of Rantanen’s next contract will hardly fall below 100 million dollars.

Another 30 goals

Mikko Rantanen is a problem for Detroit goalkeeper Alex Lyon. AOP / USA TODAY Sports

Rantanen already broke the 30 goal mark. The Fifth season is already underway, when the TPS student scores at least 30 goals in a season.

– I have changed the way I play a little. Compared to the early years, I now go to the goal more, that’s where the goals are made these days. I strive to play at a high level, and that is what is expected of me, Rantanen thinks.

– I am grateful for the good teammates I get to play with. Consistency is my own goal.

Where does uniformity come from?

– It’s probably the whole thing. I have trained well in the summer, I can play and my body is light. I know how to play hockey in a way that produces results in this league.

That is the mark of a player, because Rantanen and his chain play night after night against the opponent’s best fields.

That is, against the world’s best hockey players.