Amateur pur sang Weite Oldenziel surprises top riders during CH Wolden

Many international top show jumping riders participate in the CH De Wolden, but in the toughest competition of the day a complete outsider set a time that left everyone gritted.

Amateur pur sang Weite Oldenziel from Grolloo remained clear with Ofichem’s Finn and set a time of 58.73 seconds on the technically difficult course. Many distances between the obstacles had to be solved while driving forward. That is more difficult than expected for many riders. Too often a rider thinks he has to intervene when it is not necessary, so that insufficient collection is maintained in the horse to allow it to jump clear over the obstacles.

Oldenziel let his gray gallop relaxed over the course and was therefore able to keep the collection and collect the profit.

Vrieling gives Long John Silver 3 NOP a rest

Jur Vrieling had the Nations Cup in Falsterbö, Sweden, on the program this weekend. “In consultation with the national coach, I give Long John Silver 3 NOP a rest and I traveled to Veeningen. Now it is possible to start here with relatively young horses”, says Vrieling, who finished third with Griffin van de Heffinck, behind Oldenziel and Jack Ansems with Fliere Fluiter.