10/03/2022 at 22:13


    “Just apologize for what happened to all the fans,” the Espanyol goalkeeper wrote on his Instagram

    Despite his rude mistake, Álvaro trusts him: “I’m going to recover because I have the personality to do it”

    The problem in the goal is serious in Espanyol. Both Benjamin Lecomte and Álvaro Fernández have left rude errors at this start of the league and they are making the decision difficult for Diego Martínez. The Spanish goalkeeper, whose failure at the last minute cost him the win against Valencia, did a lot of damage. Also to him. In social networks he wanted to break his silence.

    Being difficult to write something today… Just apologize for what happened today to all the fans. I understand the criticism I may receive but those who know me well know that I’m going to recover because I have the personality to do it! Thank you all for the messages! The good times will return! Sure!”, read the goalkeeper’s message.

    The truth is that already on the pitch, immediately after making the mistake, Álvaro apologized to those present, knowing the mistake he had made. He was visibly affected. The goalkeeper, however, had the support of his teammates and even rivals and Diego Martínez also supported him at a press conference.

    “Alvaro no, team. If one fails, we all fail.. If one wins, we all win. It’s a team issue,” snapped the parakeet coach.