Alpine skiing star fell at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour – Shocking injuries, now sits in a wheelchair

Aleksander Kilde was only able to take a shower almost two weeks after the fall. The next few weeks will be spent in a wheelchair.

Aleksander Kilde had a very violent fall earlier in January. It’s going to be a long recovery. EPA / AOP

Norwegian alpine skier Alexander Kilde31, shared harrowing details about her injury and recovery earlier in January.

On January 13, Kilde was injured in the World Cup skydiving competition held in Wengen, Switzerland, when he fell at a speed of up to 120 kilometers per hour.

Kilde’s recent Instagram update sheds light on how serious and painful the injury has been.

Kilde says that he has never experienced such severe pain as after his shoulder surgery.

It was initially reported that Kilde tore two ligaments in his shoulder, but the truth turned out to be worse. According to Kilde, among other things, his “whole tourer cuff” had to be repaired.

After the fall and shoulder surgery, Kilde has taken a lot of strong painkillers. The man says he had a panic attack from the medication.

Kilde is the spouse of Mikaela Shiffrin, who has won the most World Cup races in the history of alpine skiing. Recently, the couple has had to settle for video calls. PDO

Kilde also says that she tried to go to the toilet once during the first week, but the attempt ended with her fainting.

In the second week of recovery, the Norwegian progressed to the point where he could sit up straight for 10 minutes without passing out. He also got to go to the toilet, shower and for the first time outside.

In addition to the extensive damage to the shoulder, another serious consequence of the fall was a deep wound on Kilde’s leg, which reached almost to the bone. Kilde lost a lot of blood and the nerves in his leg were damaged.

– The doctor said that the motor skills of my leg should fully recover, Kilde is happy in his update.

Kilde writes that his situation is “very difficult, to put it mildly”. The man has probably been in a wheelchair for weeks.

– When I lost my anterior cruciate ligament, I was somehow able to move with the help of sticks. I was able to shower by myself. I could cook.

At the moment, Kilde can only take small steps forward in his recovery, but the Norwegian tries to draw energy from them.

In his recent update, Kilde published, among other things, a picture of a deep wound on his leg. The picture is not suitable for the sensitive. You can browse the images by pressing the arrow on the right side of the embed below.