Alpine skiing live: World Cup final Super G in the live ticker | 17.03.2022 11:30


Good bye!

That’s it from the World Cup finals for today. The speed disciplines are now history for this winter, but the technical part is still going on. Tomorrow, for example, the parallel slalom is on the agenda. Until then!


Little luck for the DSV

The same applies to the German team, where once again Andreas Sander was the best runner. But only with the 15th place. Romed Baumann is last, Josef Ferstl 19.


Kriechmayr overtakes Mayer

With his great run and victory, Vincent Kriechmayr was also able to climb in the World Cup. He overtakes teammate Matthias Mayer, who has to be content with fourth place in the World Cup. Anyway, apart from Kriechmayr, it wasn’t an optimal day from the point of view of the ÖSV.


Odermatt climbs!

With his strong second place, Marco Odermatt can still secure second place in the World Cup. With Caviezel’s strong third place and three other top ten finishes from the Confederates, the Swiss have some reason to be happy.


Kriechmayr wins the Super G!

Vincent Kriechmayr wins the Super G at the World Cup final! With a fabulous run, he relegated the two Swiss riders Marco Odermatt and Gino Caviezel to their place. Super-G World Cup winner Aleksander Kilde joins in fourth.


Christoph Innerhofer (ITA)

Innerhofer concludes this speed season. However, the veteran did not get past 17th place today.


Blaise Giezendanner (FRA)

So far, this run has been without a failure, but now Griezendanner slips on the inside ski and falls. However, the situation seems to have ended lightly.


Josef Ferstl (GER)

Ferstl is always slightly too late when changing direction. This runs through his run and so Ferstl can only line up in 18th place in the end.

12:10 p.m

Travis Ganong (USA)

Ganong is also very far down the field. The Canadian leaves only Romed Baumann behind, more than 2.7 seconds behind.

12:09 p.m

Daniel Danklmaier (AUT)

The slope keeps getting worse, which Daniel Danklmaier also feels. The Austrian even saves himself from falling out in the lower section, but is still only 16th.


Dominik Paris (ITA)

However, Dominik Paris now takes over this place. The Italian, who is also more at home in the downhill, started solidly, but then lost a lot of time.


Andreas Sander (GER)

It doesn’t seem to be the day of the Germans, who of course don’t necessarily have an advantage on the deteriorating slope. Andreas Sander places on 14th place.


Stefan Rogentin (SUI)

Rogentin is doing a little better, but doesn’t get past tenth place either. Especially in the middle part he left a lot behind.

12:00 p.m

Romed Baumann (GER)

Unfortunately that was nothing! Romed Baumann finds no rhythm at all and in the end has to take over the red lantern at the end of the field.


Raphael Haaser (AUT)

Haaser is already a long way behind at the first intermediate time and his mixed performance continues and so it is not enough for more than 12th place.


Justin Murisier (SUI)

Justin Murisier is now in ninth place, but looking at the scoreboard he doesn’t look very satisfied.


Beat Feuz (SUI)

The downhill specialist has some problems in the Super G today and doesn’t really find his way. That’s why he doesn’t get past ninth place.


Matthieu Bailet (FRA)

Bailet is a bit too slow, especially in the lower section. Nonetheless, the Frenchman is enough for a solid sixth place.


Marco Odermatt (SUI)

Odermatt is on the move fast! Even if it’s not enough for the top, Marco Odermatt has reason to celebrate. With second place, he also moves up to the same in the Super-G World Cup.


Ryan Cochran-Siegle (USA)

Ryan Cochran-Siegle moves up one place. The American takes too long to get used to the track and loses too much time, especially in the upper part.


Matthias Mayer (AUT)

It follows the number two in the Super G as far as this winter is concerned. But even the Austrian doesn’t manage to get to his level of performance today. Mayer only ends up in sixth place.


Alexis Pinturault (FRA)

This fast Super G doesn’t suit the technically strong Pinturault quite as well. Accordingly, the Frenchman only ranks fifth.


Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (NOR)

Now follows the winner of the small crystal ball. However, Kilde cannot show that in full, he only ranks in third place.


Broderick Thompson (CAN)

And Thompson never comes close to this benchmark. The Canadian has big problems and is more than two seconds behind at the end of the field.


Vincent Kriechmayr (AUT)

Vincent Kriechmayr does it even better! The Austrian finds a fast line and the right amount of risk. Ultimately, it is more than seven tenths that he has an advantage. That’s a real benchmark for the competition.


Gino Caviezel (SUI)

Good performance by Gino Caviezel! The Swiss is doing very well, especially in the upper section, and secures the lead with three tenths.


James Crawford (CAN)

James Crawford will kick things off! The Canadian is brave and goes on the attack from the start. The next runners will show what his time will ultimately be worth.


Similar picture

In the case of the Swiss, too, the focus today is primarily on three players. Marco Odermatt, Beat Feuz and Stefan Rogentin are all among the top 8 Super G runners this winter and want to attack again today.


Three Germans with us!

The Germans are solid in the Super this year. With Ferstl, Baumann and especially Sander, the DSV certainly has its chances to take something with them, but you also need top performances.


A victory at the end?!

The Austrians are showing strong performances in the Super G this winter. With Matthias Mayer, Vincent Kriechmayr and Raphael Haaser, three ÖSV starters are represented in the best 7 runners of the winter. It goes without saying that victory is the goal for the three of them today, even if the small crystal globe certainly goes to the Norwegian Kilde.



After the women’s Super G, things continue in quick succession! At 11:30 a.m. it is the men’s turn, also in Super G, and contest their World Cup final.