Alpine skiing live: Kranjska Gora giant slalom in the live ticker | 03/11/2023 09:30


River Radamus (USA)

The American clearly loses in the upper part without any noticeable mistakes, then he keeps edging too hard in the corners. So he loses even more ground and is also at the bottom of the intermediate table.


Filip Zubcic (CRO)

Zubcic twisted slightly at the top, then tried the crowbar and kept losing because of his hard driving style. He is almost two seconds behind – the times are now according to the start number. The slope is probably also significantly.


Filippo Della Vite (ITA)

The discovery of the season is full of risk, is at the beginning of Odermatt, but then builds in a corner during a transition and then has problems in the goal section. Therefore he also ranks at the end of the tableau.


Gino Caviezel (SUI)

The second Swiss is on the move, but he doesn’t always get enough pressure on the outside ski. Gino Caviezel lacks a little calm, he’s looking for his line a little – in the end he takes over the Red Lantern.


Alexis Pinturault (FRA)

In the upper part, Alexis Pinturault builds in a small wobble, but is still close to Odermatt. Technically he stays clean, but then he lacks the willingness to take risks down below. In the end, the four lights up for him.


Henrik Kristoffersen (NOR)

The next Norwegian enters the race boldly and appears agile. At times he has a two-tenth lead, but then chooses a line that is a bit too direct and ends up being around half a second behind first place.


Lucas Braathen (NOR)

The line of the Norwegian doesn’t quite fit in the upper part, his curves don’t look quite as energetic as those of the leader. He can’t get any more time in the lower part either – in the end Lucas Braathen is fifth in the meantime.


Marco Schwarz (AUT)

Black starts well at the top, finds a good move and is level with Odermatt. Then the Austrian makes a small mistake, a ski leaves the ground for a moment, so he clearly loses. The last part isn’t that agile anymore and in the end he’s almost a second behind Odermatt.


Marco Odermatt (SUI)

Odermatt is even faster in the upper part, then it gets steeper and the Swiss loses some time at first, but collects himself again and delivers a hell of a ride in the last part. He’s about half a second ahead of Kranjec!


Zan Kranjec (SLO)

The local hero gets going quickly, remains compact and agile in the turns. He playfully throws himself down the slope and finishes more than six tenths ahead of Meillard. That was an announcement!


Loïc Meillard (SUI)

The Confederate opens the race! Loïc Meillard masters the first transition into the steeper part, where he stays on the train. The course also gets very steep at the end, where Meillard stays focused and sets the first target time.


Will Odermatt live up to the role of favourite?

The leader in the overall World Cup, Marco Odermatt (start number 3), is the outstanding skier this ski season and was also able to become world champion in giant slalom. With Loïc Meillard (1) and Gino Caviezel (8), two more Swiss could be placed at the front. Also starting for the Swiss: Justin Murisier (18), Thomas Tumler (25), Livio Simonet (29), Semyel Bissig (33), Daniele Sette (34) and Fadri Janutin (38).


Can Black cheer again?

Marco Schwarz (start number 3) is currently in good shape and even won the last giant slalom race, just ahead of Marco Odermatt. With Raphael Haaser (12), Stefan Brennsteiner (13) and Manuel Feller (15), the ÖSV also has three drivers in its ranks who are always good for a surprise. Also on board are Patrick Feurstein (21), Roland Leitinger (27), Dominik Raschner (55) and Fabio Gstrein (61).


DSV top athlete missing injured

The hot potato for Germany Alexander Schmid tore his cruciate ligament last weekend and will be out for the rest of the season. For the DSV, therefore, only athletes beyond start number 30 are there: Stefan Luitz (start number 32), Fabian Gratz (39), Anton Grammel (51) and Anton Grammel (53) start today for Germany.


Odermatt the big favourite

Once again this winter, the Swiss Marco Odermatt (start number 3) is the clear favorite for today’s victory in the giant slalom. But the Norwegians with Lucas Braathen (5) and Henrik Kristoffersen (6) and the Austrian Marco Schwarz (4) want to trip him up. Local hero Žan Kranjec (2) also has a chance of placing at the top.


the initial situation

It is only the second giant slalom competition since the World Cup in France. In between we went to the USA before arriving in Slovenia. It starts at 9:30 a.m. here in Kranjska Gora! The weather will probably allow for fair conditions, temperatures here are slightly above freezing.


Hello and welcome to Kranjska Gora men’s giant slalom! The live ticker starts in good time before the start of the race.