Alpine skiing live: Adelboden slalom in the live ticker | 08.01.2023 10:30


Can Feller attack at the top?

After Feller’s rival Kristoffersen failed to qualify for the second race, the Austrian can attack at the top today. After the first run he is 82 hundredths behind the leader Lucas Braathen. In sixth place, Marco Schwarz also has an outsider chance of getting on the podium. Also in the second run for ÖSV: Johannes Strolz, who is 12th after the first round, Michael Matt is 16th, Fabio Gstrein 18th, Adrian Pertl 19th and Dominik Raschner 25th.

12:00 p.m

Straßer on course for the podium

Linus Straßer is once again on course for the podium after the first round. Can the DSV athlete defend his place today? A second driver also made it into the second race: Anton Tremmel is 29th after the first run.


Death of favorites in Adelboden

Both top favorite Henrik Kristoffersen, who burst with a serious driving error, and Clément Noël could not qualify for the second round. Even the third favorite Manuel Feller made a small blunder – but he is still in fourth place. With a lead of half a second, the Norwegian Lucas Braathen leads the field in front of Loïc Meillard and Linus Straßer. Also less than a second behind are Manuel Feller in fourth and Atle Lie McGrath in fifth. So these five drivers will be decided today!


Adrian Meisen (GER)

The last German-speaking athlete is on the way. In the upper part, Meisen loses almost three seconds to Braathen and is eliminated on the steep slope. He’s not in the second round either.


Simon Rueland (AUT)

Simon Rueland also has no chance of the final round. Almost five seconds behind, he places himself in 44th place ahead of Ketterer.


Joel Lutolf (SUI)

The last Swiss is in the home World Cup in the first round. He makes a huge driving mistake before the first split and then retires.


Noel von Grünigen (SUI)

The Swiss is still doing well on the flat part, but has significant problems finding his line on the steep part and is in last place for the time being.


David Ketterer (GER)

The penultimate German must also dismantle his tents early. With 42nd place, he is currently in the penultimate place and is not in the second round.


Fabian Himmelsbach (GER)

The German makes a driving mistake during his run and is eliminated.


Anton Tremmel (GER)

Tremmel finds a good line on the flat section and can also tackle the steep slope without making any major mistakes. With the 28th place there is hope for the second round.


Sandro Simonet (SUI)

Sandro Simonet seems quick on the flat section and loses relatively little time. However, he has a few problems on the steep climbs and ends up in 30th place. That will probably not be enough for the Swiss.


Dominik Raschner (AUT)

Raschner fights for every hundredth on the steep slope and can hope for the second round. The ÖSV athlete is currently 25.


Sebastian Holzmann (GER)

Holzmann makes a solid race, but he lacks the final determination and can’t find his line. He is in last place behind Kristoffersen.


Tanguy Nef (SUI)

Nef does not take the last risk – he lacks momentum at times. With 22nd place, he can hope for the second run.


Stefano Gross (ITA)

The last driver in the top 30 is the Italian veteran. He lacks the last risk, so he is almost three seconds behind Braathen.


Marc Rochat (SUI)

Rochat was seventh in Garmisch and he’s doing a solid race today too. Worn by the spectators, he is only two seconds behind and is only 14th.


Eric Read (CAN)

Read rarely takes risks and tactics a little too timidly. He also places himself at the back of the field.


Joaquim Salarich (ESP)

The Spaniard has rhythm problems and is too late with his swings. So Joaquim Salarich loses continuously and leaves only Kristoffersen behind. He Spaniard is once penultimate.


Luke Winters (USA)

Right from the start, Luke Winters drives wildly and retires in Flachstück with an announcement when he makes a right turn.


Filip Zubcic (CRO)

The Croatian fails to hit two right turns cleanly in the flat section and loses continuously as a result. He doesn’t find his rhythm like that and ends up at the end of the field.


Luca Aerni (SUI)

Aerni makes no major mistakes at the home World Cup, but seems to have too little traction in the turns. He is just under three seconds behind Braathen.


Ramon Zenhauser (SUI)

The tall Swiss gets into the flat part well, but then has two wobbles in the steep part, but is still fast. With tenth place, he even sets a small exclamation mark.


Alex Vinatzer (ITA)

The Italian chooses a brisk driving style and it pays off! He trundles in just ahead of mate, a little over two seconds behind.


Michael Matt (AUT)

The third Austrian in the ÖSV three pack makes the best impression. Matt attacks risky, so he is “only” 2.14 seconds behind.

11:00 a.m

Adrian Pertl (AUT)

Pertl doesn’t make any clear mistakes, but the bad slope conditions bother him. He comes in just behind compatriot Gstrein.


Fabio Gstrein (AUT)

Gstrein doesn’t really find his rhythm and doesn’t have a clean line. He also sorts himself at the end of the classification.


Giuliano Razzoli (ITA)

What is the old master doing? The Italian seems a bit stiff when making turns and has to turn sideways a few times. Significant deficit for Razzoli.


Albert Popov (BUL)

The nimble Bulgarian skis solidly at first, but is a bit late on the turns in the steep part. Tenth place is satisfactory for Popov!


Timon Haugan (NOR)

After a break in preparation, Haugan whizzes down the mountain: he has a little uncertainty in the flat section, but he makes up for it with a steep steep section. With a deficit of 1.16, he is currently in sixth place!


Alexis Pinturault (FRA)

The veteran drives straight towards the gates and loses continuously as a result. With more than two seconds, he ends up in eleventh place. The Frenchman shakes his head after his run.


Sebastian Foss Solevag (NOR)

The Norwegian already made a slight mistake in the flat part and slipped away during a left turn. Sebastian Foss Solevåg retires!


Dave Ryding (GBR)

Ryding is doing a solid race, driving without any noticeable mistakes. However, he lacks traction in the turns, so he finishes almost 2 seconds behind.


Kristoffer Jakobsen (SWE)

The Swede, who is willing to take risks, is a little more controlled than usual at the top, he wants to take more risks on the steep slopes, but he gets caught and is eliminated!


Johannes Strolz (AUT)

Strolz has difficulties, especially on the steep slope, so he is 1.70 seconds behind. The Austrian had too many slide phases on steep slopes and can therefore not have a say about victory.


Marco Schwarz (AUT)

Black sweeps through the top and is about to lead. Without a clear mistake, he then loses more and more time. The slope seems to be easing a little. Nevertheless, the Austrian makes it strong: He crosses the finish line in 1.13 seconds.


Tommaso Sala (ITA)

What is the Italian doing? It drives smooth – a little too smooth. He crossed the finish line in almost a second and a half without making any discernible mistakes.


Atle Lie McGrath (NOR)

McGrath gets into the rhythm well, but is a little late on some of the swings. The young Norwegian crosses the finish line in almost a second and seems satisfied!

10:40 a.m

Loïc Meillard (SUI)

Loïc Meillard also rushes towards the steep slope with a lot of train. In the steep, the Swiss is a touch faster than Straßer and is now second for the time being. The home fans celebrate him at the finish.


Linus Strasser (GER)

Straßer drives actively from the start and is close to Braathen in the upper part. On the steep slope he remains flawless, so that he tumbles into second place, sixty-hundredths behind. He can be happy with that!


Daniel Yule (SUI)

The Swiss is already seven tenths behind, which he also loses on the steep slope. Yule is almost a minute and a half behind the leaders. That wasn’t risky enough!


Lucas Braathen (NOR)

The young Norwegian is tight at the gates and has a clear lead over Feller. He also uses clever tactics on the steep part and is more than eight tenths ahead of the Austrian. Braathen sets the first exclamation mark!


Manuel Feller (AUT)

Can Feller use the elimination of the two favorites? The ÖSV athlete comes to the finish, but also makes a mistake in the steep part. The Austrian doesn’t seem really satisfied either.


Clément Noël (FRA)

Noël gets into the rhythm well, but on the steep slope he also misses a right turn, causing him to lose his balance. The Frenchman is also eliminated. Death of favorites in Adelboden!


Henrik Kristoffersen (NOR)

It starts on time with the top favourite. The Norwegian overlooks a right turn and drives past a pole. He can finish the run, but that probably won’t be enough for the second round because of the mistake.


More favorites

The top favorite of the race is Henrik Kristoffersen (start number 1), who is not only challenged by the German-speaking athletes. Compatriots Lucas Braathen (4) and Clément Noël (2) also have realistic chances of winning the World Cup in Adelboden today.


Switzerland with two hot irons

Daniel Yule (car number 5) missed the podium by a hair’s breadth with fourth place, and Loïc Meillard (7) also has outsider chances on the podium. Ramon Zenhäusler (23), Luca Aerni (24), Marc Rochat (29), Tanguy Nef (31), Sandro Simonet (40), Noel von Grünigen (52) and Joel Lütolf (57) also compete for Switzerland in the home World Cup the start.


Can Feller Kristoffersen attack?

The best slalom skier in Austria is Manuel Feller (start number 3), who is currently only beaten by Kristoffersen in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and in the slalom world cup. Can the Austrian manage to annoy Kristoffersen today? Alongside Manuel Feller, Marco Schwarz (10), Johannes Strolz (11), Fabio Gstrein (19), Adrian Pertl (20), Michael Matt (21), Dominik Raschner (37) and Simon Rueland (58) start for the ÖSV team. .


German hopeful aggressive

Linus Straßer (start number 6) was second on the podium after the first round of the last home World Cup, but dropped out in the second round because of a line that was too risky. However, the DSV athlete would like to continue to be among the front runners and still has realistic chances of getting on the podium today. Alongside Strasser, Sebastian Holzmann (35), Anton Tremmel (44), Fabian Himmelsbach (47), David Ketterer (49) and Adrian Meisen (65) will start for the German team.



The second slalom of the year 2023 takes place today in Adelboden, Switzerland, where the first run will start at 10.30 a.m. The last competition was held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen as a night slalom, in which the Norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen won ahead of Manuel Feller. Even today, the two exceptional drivers will probably have a say in the victory.

Warm welcome

Hello and welcome to the men’s slalom from Adelboden! The live ticker starts in good time before the start of the race.