Alpine ski star gives Neureuther the “yes”

After Lucas Braathen ended his career at just 23, Felix Neureuther made the alpine ski star a marriage proposal that wasn’t really meant seriously. But the youngster now accepted it.

With his resignation, Braathen caused a big bang in alpine skiing. The 23-year-old was at loggerheads with the Norwegian association. The background was the anger over his personal and marketing rights.

Neureuther regrets the Norwegian’s decision. “He ended his career at the age of 23 because of the stress with the Norwegian association. And that killed me because it would have been so important for the sport,” he said in the “BR” podcast “Pizza and Fries” at the beginning of November. .

The Scandinavian “actually achieved a width that, to be honest, I have never seen before when skiing. And I found that an incredible shame,” added the 39-year-old.

Neureuther Braathen also made a not-so-serious offer on Instagram. “I can’t believe it! If the association is to blame, I would marry you, then you can compete for Germany. My wife would think that’s completely fine,” he wrote after the surprising resignation. “I love you!” the Norwegian responded.

Miriam Neureuther welcomes Braathen to a “crazy family”

Braathen now followed up in a Q&A on Instagram. “As you all noticed, Felix made a very generous proposal to me. I would be crazy not to say yes to such a loving man. We also got permission from his wife Miriam,” answered the Alpine skier -Hope a relevant question.

Neureuther’s wife Miriam reacted promptly and reposted the Braathen reaction. She wrote: “Welcome to our crazy family.”