Alma Hätönen left the alcohol

Presenter Alma Hätönen has been without alcohol for half a year.

Alma Hätönen says that she has more energy without alcohol. Jussi Eskola

Presenter Alma Hätönen says on her Instagram account that she has always consumed quite a bit of alcohol.

This made him wonder why he shouldn’t give up alcohol altogether. And so he eventually did.

– I started to think about who those few times were for? It felt like there was a certain code that people use alcohol in the following situations, and I followed that as well. I was used to having a couple of glasses of wine in certain social situations, Hätönen describes in his publication.

Hätönen has been without alcohol for six months now. Hätönen writes on Instagram that alcohol does not work for him in the same way as it does for other people: the high does not bring a feeling of euphoria or liberation.

Energy levels high

Hätönen says that not drinking alcohol has increased his energy reserves even more.

– I’ve been without it for six months now and I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything. I’m also not saying that my life has changed in any way. Of course, I had less hangovers and energy for training on the weekends! Hätönen continues.

Hätönen has switched alcoholic drinks to non-alcoholic versions.

– The only difference is that these days I go home exactly when I want, and I don’t stay because of some social pressure, if I’m not having fun. Carelessness has encouraged self-listening in all other areas of life as well.

Hätönen writes in the end that he might enjoy wine on summer evenings in the future, but at the moment it doesn’t feel right.

In the comments section of the publication, several people have congratulated Hätö on the change.

– Good luck you lively wonderful little person, Hätönen’s partner, actor Jaakko Ohtonen writes.

– Amazing!! All right-podcast host Hanna Tikander rejoices.

– Good you. We’ve both been on the same path for a year now – the best part is that you get to go home just when you feel good, the administrators of the Two Mothers channel say.

Alma Hätönen participated in the Dancing with the Stars competition in 2022. IL-TV