Alma Hätönen got a place to study

Alma Hätönen is heading for new career paths.

Alma Hätönen will become a physiotherapist. Jussi Eskola

Alma Hätönen, known as a presenter, starts studies in a new field. Previously, Hätönen has said that he dreams of becoming a psychotherapist, and he is still aiming for this.

– Now the first step towards that has been taken, Hätönen says in his Instagram post.

Hätösen becomes a physiotherapist. In an Instagram video, Hätönen opens up more about what the process was like “to change the idea from a psyker to a physsar” and why he ended up with such a choice.

– So the purpose would be to specialize in psychophysical physiotherapy after studies, which feels like my own thing and just right for me, he describes.

Hätönen applied to study psychology at the university last spring, but a study place did not become available. He said at the time that he was very disappointed.

In his update, Hätönen says that work in the media industry will continue alongside his studies.

Hätönen is known not only as a radio host but also from various TV programs and the world of podcasts.