Allegri after Napoli-Juve |

The coach: “We missed too many goals, but these are normal stages of growth for a young team. And at the moment everything is going badly for us”


March 3 – 11.26pm – MILAN

“Too many wasted opportunities, stages of growth. An Allegri problem doesn’t exist”: this is, in a nutshell, the comment of Juve coach Max Allegri after the defeat against Napoli. “Tonight the boys played a good game. We had good opportunities that we didn’t take advantage of. These are growth steps that the boys have to make. We need more balance, not to go out of rhythm. But we are second in the standings and we have eleven games still to play to achieve our goal.”

new midfield

“With McKennie and Rabiot out, I inserted Miretti, who has 60 games with Juve, and Alcaraz, who played a good game. Tonight it was nice to see the team helping each other. We took risks in the scrums, their clear opportunities in front of Szczesny didn’t have any. We too had opportunities that weren’t exploited to the fullest, insisting on going on central routes. When instead we went laterally we created favorable opportunities. It’s sad because we’re leaving here defeated.”

youth but…

“We need to improve on many things. The experience of playing matches will ensure that we do things better, that we are smarter on penalties. Let’s look at the positive side. I don’t know if tonight it was the youngest Juventus in history, but six players in born between 2003 and 2005 mean that we are working well. We must reach the goal with players who we will certainly find improved next year.”


“I’m sorry and angry. Raspadori and the others took a run and jumped on us. We need to do better. Szczesny saved a poorly taken penalty, if he shot it well the ball would go into the corner. These are steps for growth. Now there’s It’s the direct clash with Atalanta in which we’ll try to score points.” On the crisis from Empoli onwards: “This is football. There are moments when things go well, others when they shoot, deflect and the ball ends up in a goal. In Verona they scored the best goal of the championship. We must continue so the kids shouldn’t be discouraged. For now, we’re in it and we have to stay in it.”

his future

“It’s simple, in life things are simple. Don’t ask me for clarifications on what my agent Branchini said. I am the coach of Juventus and I’m happy. Every year in this period, whether things go well or badly there’s talk about it, but we are inside the Champions League zone. I don’t know what will happen. The Allegri problem doesn’t exist now, there is a season in which to achieve objectives that have not yet been achieved at the moment. I’m focusing on this season, I thank the boys for what we have done so far and today we will work hard to give the club what they took away from us last year. We need to work hard and then we will see.”