All votes were recounted in the entire municipality, because something went wrong in 1 polling station

The Municipality of Halderberge may again consider the ballot papers for the House of Representatives elections on Tuesday. At the Parrestee polling station they made one mistake during the counting. And therefore, according to the rules, the entire party has to start again at all polling stations in the municipality.

“It is an inexplicable difference between the number of voting cards received and the number of ballots counted,” the electoral council says. These are therefore more or fewer votes than should or could actually be done. The numbers are wrong.

“Something went wrong with an electoral card,” said municipality spokesperson Marjolein Bömer. “I don’t know exactly what, but definitely something out of protocol.” And that is why it is now the rule to check all votes again. Even if it’s one mistake. “Yes, it is a bit sour,” the municipality admits. “But it’s part of it. That’s the rules and we understand that.”

That’s not the only thing that stood in the city’s way on election night. They were the very last of all Brabant municipalities to count the votes. That was due to a computer malfunction. So somewhere in between an error has crept in.

On the other hand, it is not the only municipality where votes have to be counted again. Counting also had to be done again in Heerenveen, Oldeboorn, Oost-Gelre, Lichtenvoorde and Olst-Wijhe. The idea is that the recount will eliminate any doubt about the election results.