All stars say no, now SBS 6 cast-off is with Rob Kemps

It couldn’t get any clearer for Rob Kemps, whose lucrative TV contract is about to expire: he has been offered the channel’s ultimate cast-off. “Wonder what he says!”


Britt Dekker has been quite loose-lipped behind the scenes at Renze Klamer’s talk show. She has not only revealed that Gordon has considered starting a lawsuit against Angela de Jong ten times, but also that her boss SBS 6 is desperately trying to sell a walking program to one of his stars.

Walking program

What exactly did Britt say? “I spent a long time talking to Britt, who was very frank. I can say that she is my new BFF, I now know so many secrets from Talpa. So she said that a new walking program is in the works,” says Angela in her AD Media podcast.

Angela then addresses the presenter of her podcast, and also one of the stars of Shownieuws: Manuel Venderbos. “Manuel, open your ears, maybe it’s something for you, because I think they’ve already approached 80 people and nobody wants to.”

Manuel: “I hate walking.”

“No one wants it!”

All stars turn down that show, Angela now knows thanks to Britt. “Noa Vahle was approached for the presentation, but she declined. Then Sam Hagens had raised his finger and it was found too light, it is not allowed again. All according to Britt, eh. I’m talking Britt right now. Then Britt was approached and Britt herself did not want to.”

That’s crazy, says Manuel. He sneered: “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second. Noa Vahle was approached and then Sam was found to be too light?!”

Rob eightieth choice

Angela agrees. “Sam Hagens really wanted to, but yes, he is, yes… All according to Britt, eh guys. I’m talking to Britt. Anyway, Britt didn’t want to either. And now it is with Rob Kemps.”

A walking interview show with Rob?! Manuel: “Oh, because his other interview program went so smoothly. (…) It will be strange walking. Left and then right again and then left and then right again.”


It all doesn’t sound very convincing, Angela thinks. “I also had to think about those sheep. Do you remember that? That program with those sheep, that they followed those sheep.”

She wonders if Rob will lend himself to this. “I wonder if he’s going to do it.”