All for my son, plot and cast of the film with Giuseppe Zeno

THEl tv movie All for my son by Umberto Marino, broadcast on Rai 1with Giuseppe Zeno tells a story of the Camorra like many others, which over the years have found space on the pages of newspapers. The protagonist is a rabbit breeder, an honest man with a family and sound principles who rebels against the lace.

The story of Raffaele Acampora summarizes many stories put togethernot necessarily bells, he tells of little big heroesdespite themselves, who sacrificed their lives in name of freedom. In fact, the film is dedicated to all those people who sacrificed their lives for legality.

All for my son: the plot

1996, province of Caserta. Raffaele Acampora (Giuseppe Zeno) is a man like many others. He has a wife, Anna (Antonia Truppo) four children and hard work: he gets up at three every morning to go to the livestock market and sell the rabbits he raises. A life of sacrifices that he would like to spare his children and especially his firstborn Peppino, who at the age of 14 makes some disreputable friendships and hates to study. The father is on top of him, urges him to avoid the blunder of the underworld. And to prevent this from happening, it is Raffaele himself who wants to demonstrate how to oppose that octopus that crushes workers like him.

And with the Camorra who does the accounts. Raffaele and her colleagues can no longer pay the offense to the criminal racket. One day she decides to rebel: founds a union convincing workers in the sector to sign up so as not to be harassed anymore, collaborates with the police and the judiciary, denounces and names. Raffaele must be stopped: Carla (Tosca D’Aquino), wife of the boss Innaurato, takes care of it. The life of the father of a family is in danger and also his whole family.

The cast of All for my son headed by Giuseppe Zeno

Giuseppe Zeno is the protagonist of the small TV film that tells a touching and real story. The actor has just returned from the success of Mina September 2he plays the role of the famous Domenico who makes Mina’s heart beat (Serena Rossi). From one romantic comedy the Neapolitan actor has thrown himself headlong into a completely different project, which tells the roots evil of his land. It is important to shed light on these facts and on these men who have made an enormous contribution in their own small way to the fight against crime and they left the stone over the obstacle by sacrificing all of themselves ”, says Zeno.

The boss’s wife is not like Donna Imma in Gomorrah

It is one of those rare times we see Tosca D’Aquino in the role of a villain. Here she plays Carla, the boss’s wife of Camorra Agostino Innaurato. “When you often do comedy in Italy you are a bit ghettoized and it is difficult for you to play any other role “, confesses the Neapolitan actress,” with difficulty I am trying to diversify. It’s interesting to put yourself in the shoes of a villain, it’s like going to a psychologist for a session: you don’t have to give moral judgments and you have to marry the vision of the character one hundred percent ».

Carla is not like Donna Imma in Gomorrah. “She is very distant from it, she is another type of female”, says the actress, “Donna Imma had to prove to be ruthless and to be up to her man, here we are in the nineties and Carla doesn’t have to prove anythingdoes not have the need to become the boss, she is simply subordinate to the husband she loves and with whom he also espoused the same ideology. I compared them to MacBeth and to Lady MacBeth ».

The other woman: Anna, Raffaele’s wife

Antonia Truppo instead it interprets Annawife of Raffaele and mother of four. A simple woman, “I’ve seen so many and I have seen very similar contexts, ”declares the actress of They called him Jeeg Robot. Anna is seriously worried about her husband’s life, she is desperate, she tries to bring him back on the path of reason so as not to lose him and she asks Carla for mercy.

“This character made me sink emotionally»Confesses Truppo,« this mother and wife who pines when she realizes that her husband has no way out has surprised me and struck me in the heart. I was particularly excited because I am also a wife and mother“.